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Information and guidelines for reviewers

Referee Instructions

Papers for ACM Computing Surveys must be of high quality and fall within the scope of the journal. There are four main ingredients to an acceptable paper:

  1. Technical quality is high.
  2. Relevance to significant areas of research or practice is high.
  3. The level of general interest is high.
  4. The presentation is effective.

Few papers excel in all of these, but a substandard level in any is sufficient ground for rejection.

Computing Surveys does not accept papers primarily devoted to presentation of new technical results; such papers belong in technical journals, and reviewers may make suggestions of possibilities where appropriate. This is not to say no new results may be included; papers devoted primarily to presenting a survey or tutorial that include a new result to organize and convey the material in a better way are within the scope of the journal.

Please prepare an anonymous referee report suitable for transmission to the author. In addition, please prepare a cover letter to the editor summarizing recommendation (i.e., publish, publish after revision, reject but encourage resubmission after revision, reject). Your report may be transmitted to the editor by using ACM's Manuscript Central web site at

General ACM policies

For more information on specific topics, see the ACM publications policies.

Editorial Information

For further information about Computing Surveys, please contact The editors are especially interested in hearing about proposals for special issues, including Symposium issues.

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