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ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), Volume 36 Issue 2, June 2004

A review of vessel extraction techniques and algorithms
Cemil Kirbas, Francis Quek
Pages: 81-121
DOI: 10.1145/1031120.1031121

Vessel segmentation algorithms are the critical components of circulatory blood vessel analysis systems. We present a survey of vessel extraction techniques and algorithms. We put the various vessel extraction approaches and techniques in...

Bioinformatics—an introduction for computer scientists
Jacques Cohen
Pages: 122-158
DOI: 10.1145/1031120.1031122

The article aims to introduce computer scientists to the new field of bioinformatics. This area has arisen from the needs of biologists to utilize and help interpret the vast amounts of data that are constantly being gathered in genomic...

Object-based and image-based object representations
Hanan Samet
Pages: 159-217
DOI: 10.1145/1031120.1031123

An overview is presented of object-based and image-based representations of objects by their interiors. The representations are distinguished by the manner in which they can be used to answer two fundamental queries in database applications: (1)...