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A Survey on Ensemble Learning for Data Stream Classification

Ensemble-based methods are among the most widely used techniques for data stream classification. Their popularity is attributable to their good... (more)

Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management

Improving disaster management and recovery techniques is one of national priorities given the huge... (more)

Business Process Variability Modeling

It is common for organizations to maintain multiple variants of a given business process, such as multiple sales processes for different products or multiple bookkeeping processes for different countries. Conventional business process modeling languages do not explicitly support the representation of such families of process variants. This gap... (more)

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) has been a key element in e-health to monitor bodies. This technology enables new applications under the umbrella of different domains, including the medical field, the entertainment and ambient intelligence areas. This survey paper places substantial emphasis on the concept and key features of the WBAN technology.... (more)

Evaluation of Knowledge Gaps in Mathematical Applications of Thermal Image Processing Techniques for Fire Prevention

In this article, we present literature reviews on fire prevention methods, especially in mining... (more)

A Survey on Data-Flow Testing

Data-flow testing (DFT) is a family of testing strategies designed to verify the interactions between each program variable’s definition and its uses. Such a test objective of interest is referred to as a def-use pair. DFT selects test data with respect to various test adequacy criteria (i.e., data-flow coverage criteria) to exercise each... (more)

A Survey of Timing Channels and Countermeasures

A timing channel is a communication channel that can transfer information to a receiver/decoder by modulating the timing behavior of an entity. Examples of this entity include the interpacket delays of a packet stream, the reordering packets in a packet stream, or the resource access time of a cryptographic module. Advances in the information and... (more)

Presentation Attack Detection Methods for Face Recognition Systems

The vulnerability of face recognition systems to presentation attacks (also known as direct attacks or spoof attacks) has received a great deal of... (more)

Hypervideos and Interactive Multimedia Presentations

Hypervideos and interactive multimedia presentations allow the creation of fully interactive and enriched video. It is possible to organize video... (more)

Surviving the Web

In this article, we survey the most common attacks against web sessions, that is, attacks that target honest web browser users establishing an authenticated session with a trusted web application. We then review existing security solutions that prevent or mitigate the different attacks by evaluating them along four different axes: protection,... (more)

CASE Tool Support for Variability Management in Software Product Lines

Software product lines (SPL) aim at reducing time-to-market and increasing software quality through extensive, planned reuse of artifacts. An... (more)


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ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) publishes comprehensive, readable tutorials and survey papers that give guided tours through the literature and explain topics to those who seek to learn the basics of areas outside their specialties. These carefully planned and presented introductions are also an excellent way for professionals to develop perspectives on, and identify trends in complex technologies. Recent issues have covered image understanding, software reusability, and object and relational database topics. 

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Forthcoming Articles
A Survey on Malware Detection Using Data Mining Techniques

In the Internet-age, malware has posed a serious and evolving security threat to Internet users. To protect legitimate users from these threats, anti-malware software products from different companies provide the most significant defense against malware. Unfortunately, driven by the economic benefits, the number of new malware samples has explosively increased: anti-malware venders are now confronted with millions of potential malware samples per year. In order to keep on well combating the increase in malware samples, there is an urgent need to develop intelligent methods for effective and efficient malware detection from the real and large daily sample collection. In this survey paper, we first provide a brief overview on malware as well as the anti-malware industry, and present the industrial needs on malware detection. We then survey intelligent malware detection methods. In these methods, the process of detection is usually divided into two stages: feature extraction and classification/ clustering. The performance of such intelligent malware detection approaches critically depend on the extracted features and the methods for classification/clustering. We provide a comprehensive investigation on both the feature extraction and the classification/clustering techniques. We also discuss the additional issues and the challenges of malware detection using data mining techniques and finally forecast the trends of malware development.

Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR): A Survey

This article comprehensively surveys Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR). We address the challenges posed by online handwriting recognition including ligatures, dots and diacritic problems, online/offline touching of text, and geometric variations. Then, we present a general model of AOHR system that incorporates the different phases of an AOHR system. We summarize the main AOHR databases and identify their uses and limitations. Preprocessing techniques that are used in AOHR, viz. normalization, smoothing, de-hooking, baseline identification, and delayed stroke processing, are presented with illustrative examples. We discuss different techniques for Arabic online handwriting segmentation at the character and morpheme levels and identify their limitations. Feature extraction techniques that are used in AOHR are discussed and their challenges identified. We address the classification techniques of non-cursive (characters and digits) and cursive Arabic online handwriting and analyze their applications. We discuss different classification techniques, viz. structural approaches, SVM, Fuzzy SVM, Neural Networks, HMM, Genetic algorithms, decision trees, and rule-based systems, and analyze their performance. Post-processing techniques are also discussed. Several tables that summarize the surveyed publications are provided for ease of reference and comparison. In the conclusions, we summarize the current limitations and difficulties of AOHR, and future directions of research.

Game Theory for Cyber Security and Privacy

In this survey, we review the existing game-theoretic approaches for cyber security and privacy issues, categorizing their application into two classes, security and privacy. To show how game theory is utilized in cyberspace security and privacy, we select research regarding three main applications: cyber-physical security, communication security, and privacy. We present game models, features and solutions of the selected works and describe their advantages and limitations from design to implementation of the defense mechanisms. We also identify some emerging trends and topics of the future research. This survey not only demonstrates how to employ game-theoretic approaches to security and privacy, but also encourages researchers to employ game theory to establish a comprehensive understanding of emerging security and privacy problems in cyberspace and potential solutions.

A Survey on Reliability Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) applications become more and more attractive with the miniaturisation of circuits and the large variety of sensors. The different application domains, especially critical fields of WSN use, make the reliability of data acquisition and communication a hot research field that must be tackled efficiently. Indeed, the quality of largely used, cheap cost wireless sensors and their scarce energy supply support these reliability challenges that lead to data loss or corruption. For solving this problem, the conception of a reliability mechanism that detects these shortcomings and recovers to them becomes necessary. In this paper, we present a survey on existing reliability protocols conceived especially for WSNs due to their special features. The deep classification and discussion all along this study allow for understanding the pros and cons of state-of-the-art works in order to enhance the existing schemes and fill the gaps. We have classified the works according to the required level of reliability, the manner to identify the reliability lack origins, and the control to recover this lack. Across the discussion along this study, we deduce that the cross layer design between MAC, routing and transport layers presents a good concept to efficiently overcome the different reliability holes.

Hashing Techniques: A Survey and Taxonomy

With the rapid development of information storage and networking technologies, quintillion bytes of data are generated every day from social networks, business transactions, sensors, and many other domains. The increasing data volumes impose significant challenges to traditional data analysis tools in storing, processing, and analysing these extremely large-scale data. For decades, hashing is one of the most effective tools commonly used to compress data for fast access and analysis. Hashing techniques have also evolved from simple randomization approaches to advanced adaptive methods considering locality, structure, or label information of the data for effective hashing. This survey reviews and categorizes existing hashing techniques as a taxonomy, in order to provide a comprehensive view of mainstream hashing techniques for different types of data and domain applications. The taxonomy also studies uniqueness of each method and therefore can serve as technique references in understanding the niche of different hashing mechanisms for future development.

Online Algorithms with Advice: A Survey

Online algorithms with advice is an area of research where one attempts to measure how much knowledge of the future is necessary to achieve a given competitive ratio. The lower bound results give robust bounds on what is possible using semi-online algorithms. On the other hand, when the advice is of an obtainable form, algorithms using advice can lead to semi-online algorithms. This survey explains the models, motivates the study in general, presents some examples of the work that has been carried out, and includes a fairly complete set of references, organized by problem studied.

Simulation and Experimentation Platforms for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks: Advancements and Challenges

Ocean and water basically cover the major parts of our planet earth. In order to obtain the best utilization of the underlying resources on these parts of earth, people have made some research advancement. Specically, the research on underwater wireless acoustic sensor networks (UWA-SNs) has made a great progress. However, wide deployment of UWA-SNs is far from the reality due to several reasons. One important reason is that offshore deployment and eld-level experiments of ocean-centric applications are both expensive and labor-intensive. Other alternatives to attain this objective are to conduct simulation or experimentation which can reduce cost, and accelerate the research activities and their outcomes. However, designing efcient and reliable simulation and experimentation platforms are proved to be more challenging beyond the expectation. In this paper, we explore the main techniques (and their pros and cons) and components to develop simulation and experimentation platforms, and provide a comprehensive survey report in this area. We classify simulation and experimentation platforms based on some typical criteria, and then provide useful guidelines for researchers on choosing suitable platforms in accordance with their requirements. Finally, we address some open and un-resolved issues in this context, and provide some suggestions on future research.

Smart Computing and Sensing Technologies for Animal Welfare: A Systematic Review

Animals play a profoundly important and intricate role in our lives today. Dogs have been human companions for thousands of years, but they now work to assist the disabled, and in combat and search and rescue situations. Farm animals are a critical part of sustainable agriculture today, and there is increasing consumer interest in humanely raised livestock, and how it impacts our health and environmental footprint. Wild animals are threatened with extinction by human induced factors, and shrinking and compromised habitat. This review sets the goal to systematically survey the existing literature in smart computing and sensing technologies for domestic, farm and wild animal welfare. We use the notion of \emph{animal welfare} in broad terms, to review the technologies for assessing whether animals are healthy, free of pain and suffering, and also positively stimulated in their environment. Also the notion of \emph{smart computing and sensing} is used in broad terms, to refer to computing and sensing systems that are not isolated but interconnected with communication networks, and capable of remote data collection, processing, exchange and analysis. The findings of this review are expected to motivate future research in computer science and engineering, as well as contribute to data, information and communication management for animal welfare.

Systematic Review of Software Behavioral Model Consistency Checking

In software development, models are often used to represent multiple views of the same system. Such models need to be properly related to each other in order to provide a consistent description of the developed system. Models may contain contradictory system specifications, for instance, when they evolve independently. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure that models conform to each other. In this context, we focus on consistency checking of behavior models. Several techniques and approaches have been proposed in the existing literature to support behavioral model consistency checking. This paper presents a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) that was carried out to obtain an overview of the various consistency concepts, problems, and solutions proposed regarding behavior models. In our study, the identification and selection of the primary studies was based on a well-planned search strategy. The search process identified a total of 1770 primary studies, out of which 96 have been thoroughly analyzed according to our predefined SLR protocol. The SLR aims to highlight the state-of-the-art of software behavior model consistency checking and identify potential gaps for future research.

Changes as First Class Citizens: A Research Perspective on Modern Software Tooling

Software must evolve to keep up with an ever-changing context, the real world. We discuss an emergent trend in software evolution research revolving around the central notion that drives evolution: Change. By reifying change, and by modelling it as a first-class entity, researchers can now analyse the complex phe- nomenon known as software evolution with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. We present a Systematic Mapping Study of 86 papers to give an overview on the state of the art in this area of research and present a roadmap with open issues and future directions.

Imitation Learning: A Survey of Learning Methods

Imitation learning techniques aim to model human behavior in a given task. An agent is trained to perform a task from demonstrations by learning a mapping between observations and actions. The idea of teaching by imitation has been around for many years, however, the field is gaining attention recently due to advances in computing and sensing as well as rising demand for intelligent applications. The paradigm of learning by imitation is gaining popularity because it facilitates teaching complex tasks with minimal expert knowledge of the tasks. However, specialized algorithms are needed to effectively and robustly learn models as learning by imitation poses its own set of challenges. In this paper, we survey imitation learning methods and present design options in different steps of the learning process. We introduce a background and motivation for the field as well as highlight challenges specific to the imitation problem. Methods for designing and evaluating imitation learning tasks are categorized and reviewed. We extensively discuss combining imitation learning approaches using different sources and methods, as well as incorporating other motion learning methods to enhance imitation. We also discuss the potential impact on industry, present major applications and highlight current and future research directions.

Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data: A Survey

Deep learning has recently gained popularity achieving state-of-the-art performance in tasks involving text, sound or image processing. Due to its outstanding performance, there have been efforts to apply it in more challenging scenarios, e.g. 3D data processing. This article surveys methods applying deep learning on 3D data and provides a classification based on how they exploit them. From the results of the examined works, we conclude that systems employing 2D views of 3D data typically surpass voxel-based (3D) deep models which however can perform better with more layers and severe data augmentation. Therefore, larger-scale datasets and increased resolutions are required.

A Survey of Techniques for Cache Partitioning in Multicore Processors

As the number of on-chip cores and memory demands of applications increase, judicious management of cache resources has become, not merely attractive, but even imperative. Cache partitioning, i.e. dividing cache space between applications based on their memory demands, is a promising approach to provide capacity benefits of shared cache with performance isolation of private caches. However, naively partitioning the cache may lead to performance loss, unfairness and lack of QoS (quality-of-service) guarantees. It is clear that intelligent techniques are required for realizing the full potential of cache partitioning. In this paper, we present a survey of techniques for partitioning shared caches in multicore processors. We categorize the techniques based on important characteristics and provide a bird's eye view of the field of cache partitioning.

A Taxonomy and Survey of Cloud Resource Orchestration Techniques

Cloud services and applications prove indispensable amidst todays modern utility-based computing. The cloud has displayed disruptive and growing impact on everyday computing tasks. However, facilitating the orchestration of cloud resources in order to build such cloud services and applications is yet to unleash its entire magnitude of power. Accordingly, it is paramount to devise a unified and comprehensive analysis framework in order to accelerate fundamental understanding of cloud resource orchestration in terms of concepts, paradigms, languages, models and tools. This framework is essential to empower effective research, comprehension, comparison and selection of cloud resource orchestration models, languages, platforms and tools. This article provides such a comprehensive framework whilst analyzing the relevant state-of-the-art in cloud resource orchestration from a novel and holistic viewpoint.

A Survey on Reinforcement Learning Models and Algorithms for Traffic Signal Control

Traffic congestion has been an inevitable and complex issue in most urban areas. Of particular interest are the intersections where traffic bottlenecks are known to occur despite being traditionally signalized. Reinforcement learning (RL), which is an artificial intelligence approach, has been adopted in traffic signal control for monitoring and ameliorating traffic congestion. RL enables autonomous decision makers, such as a traffic signal controller, to observe, learn and select the optimal action, such as the appropriate traffic phase and its timing, to manage traffics in order to improve system performance. This article reviews various RL models and algorithms applied to traffic signal control in the aspect of the representations of the RL model (i.e., state, action and reward), performance enhancement, and complexity to establish a foundation for further investigation in this research field. Open issues are presented towards the end of this article to discover new research areas with the objective to spark new interest in this research field.

Fog Computing for Sustainable Smart Cities: A Survey

The Internet of Things (IoT) objects are expected to generate large amounts of data and send the data to the cloud for further processing, specially for knowledge discovery, in order that appropriate actions can be taken. However, in reality sensing all possible data items captured by a smart object and then completely sending to the cloud is less useful. Further, such approach would also lead to resource wastage (e.g. network, storage, etc.). Fog (Edge) computing paradigm has been proposed to counterpart the weakness by pushing processes of knowledge discovery using data analytics to the edges. However, edge devices have limited computational capabilities. Due to inherited strengths and weaknesses, neither Cloud computing nor Fog computing paradigm addresses these challenges alone. In this paper, we review existing approaches that have been proposed to tackle the challenges in the Fog computing domain. Specifically, we describe several inspiring use case scenarios of Fog computing, identify ten key characteristics and common features of Fog computing, and compare more than 30 existing research efforts in this domain. Based on our review, we further identify several major functionalities that ideal Fog computing platforms should support and a number of open challenges towards impleme

A Survey on Financial Applications of Metaheuristics

Modern heuristics or metaheuristics are optimization algorithms that have been increasingly used during the last decades to support complex decision making in a number of fields, such as logistics and transportation, telecommunication networks, bioinformatics, finance, etc. The continuous increase in computing power, together with advancements in metaheuristics frameworks and parallelization strategies, are empowering these types of algorithms as one of the best alternatives to solve rich and real-life combinatorial optimization problems that arise in a number of financial and banking activities. This paper reviews some of the works related to the use of metaheuristics in solving both classical and emergent problems in the finance arena. A non-exhaustive list of examples includes rich portfolio optimization, index tracking, enhanced indexation, credit risk, stock investments, financial project scheduling, option pricing, feature selection, bankruptcy and financial distress prediction, and credit risk assessment. The paper also discusses some open opportunities for researchers in the field, and forecast the evolution of metaheuristics to include real-life uncertainty conditions into the optimization problems being considered.

GPU Virtualization and Scheduling Methods: A Comprehensive Survey

The integration of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) on high-end compute nodes has established a new accelerator-based heterogeneous computing model which now permeates High Performance Computing. The same paradigm has limited adoption in cloud computing or other large-scale distributed computing paradigms though. Heterogeneous computing with GPUs can benefit the Cloud by reducing operational costs and improving resource and energy efficiency. However, such a paradigm shift would require effective methods for virtualizing GPUs, as well as other accelerators. In this survey paper, we present an extensive and in-depth survey of GPU virtualization techniques and their scheduling methods. We review a wide range of virtualization techniques implemented at the GPU library, driver, and hardware level. Furthermore, we review GPU scheduling methods that address performance and fairness issues between multiple virtual machines sharing GPUs. We believe that our survey delivers a perspective on the challenges and opportunities for virtualization of heterogeneous computing environments.


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Isabel Cruz 3
David De Roure 3
Toby Teorey 3
Bruce Weide 3
Michael Marcotty 3
Johnleslie King 3
Miroslaw Malek 3
David Schmidt 3
Charles Consel 3
Robert Rosin 3
Pankaj Agarwal 3
Nabil Adam 3
Abdullah Gani 3
Ingrid Carlbom 3
Avi Silberschatz 3
David Lilja 3
Dick Bulterman 3
Leslie Carr 3
Michael Bieber 3
Robyn Kozierok 3
Mark Harman 3
Cristina Nita-Rotaru 3
Werner Retschitzegger 3
Alberto Pettorossi 3
Chris Hankin 3
Patrick Cousot 3
Jonathan Grudin 3
Thomas Dean 3
Maurizio Proietti 3
John Rice 3
John Stankovic 3
Michael, Loui 3
Azzedine Boukerche 3
Emil Lupu 3
Marvin Zelkowitz 3
Udo Pooch 3
Garth Gibson 3
Mahadevan Ganapathi 3
Jon Doyle 3
Raghu Ramakrishnan 3
Dirk Riehle 3
George Nagy 3
Alexander Thomasian 3
Laurie Damianos 3
Zimu Zhou 3
Carlo Furia 3
Henry Ledgard 3
Flemming Nielson 3
Hanne Nielson 3
Roberto Tamassia 3
Randy Katz 3
Frank Manola 3
Jacques Noyé 3
Ben Shneiderman 3
Roberto Gorrieri 3
Zvi Galil* 2
David Maier 2
Guillaume Pierre 2
Pieter Hartel 2
William Stallings 2
Jan Heering 2
Carlo Batini 2
Renaud Marlet 2
Nic Volanschi 2
Philip YU 2
Michael Leuschel 2
Henry Korth 2
Tiziana Margaria 2
Ephraim Glinert 2
Ouri Wolfson 2
Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela 2
Philippe Codognet 2
Mary Rosson 2
Betty Salzberg 2
Dino Mandrioli 2
Martha Larson 2
Sigmund Gorski 2
Peter Larsen 2
Patricia Lago 2
CÉcile Paris 2
Robbert Van Renesse 2
Richard Bird 2
Marjan Mernik 2
Mark Truran 2
David Kotz 2
Zhiwen Yu 2
Thierry Lecroq 2
Hector Levesque 2
Claudio Carpineto 2
Giuseppe Italiano 2
Jim Woodcock 2
Mohammed Bennamoun 2
Jim Kurose 2
Antônio Loureiro 2
Fred Maryanski 2
Edward Reingold 2
John Hatcliff 2
Michael Hanus 2
William Wulf 2
Charles Fischer 2
Chittoor Ramamoorthy 2
Allen Tucker 2
Goetz Graefe 2
Jeffrey Ullman 2
Eduardo Hruschka 2
Angelo Morzenti 2
Robert Sedgewick 2
Lynette Hirschman 2
Edgar Sibley 2
John Fitzgerald 2
Hans Gellersen 2
Pascal Felber 2
Subrata Dasgupta 2
Paul Hudak 2
Lawrence Dowdy 2
Derrell Foster 2
John Gallagher 2
Subhash Suri 2
James Michener 2
Joseph Sifakis 2
Robert Harper 2
Howard Wactlar 2
Bernhard Steffen 2
Douglas Schmidt 2
Francis Sullivan 2
Charles Hoare 2
Steve Bryson 2
Ugo Montanari 2
João Gama 2
Vijay Saraswat 2
Juris Hartmanis 2
Leon Osterweil 2
Kevin Mills 2
Brian Davison 2
Walter Kohler 2
Sungho Kang 2
Zhiqiang Lin 2
Wieland Schwinger 2
Thomas Dietterich 2
Yonathan Bard 2
Alistair Moffat 2
Klara Nahrstedt 2
Gary Leavens 2
Kenneth Kraemer 2
Ricardo Baeza-Yates 2
Cinzia Cappiello 2
Luke Hornof 2
Dana Angluin 2
Leon Presser 2
Norman Meyrowitz 2
Faron Moller 2
H Li 2
James Foley 2
Malvin Kalos 2
Wayne Citrin 2
Pierre Wolper 2
Robert Jacob 2
James Hollan 2
Theodor Nelson 2
Harri Oinas-Kukkonen 2
Gustavo Rossi 2
Trevor Mudge 2
Katia Sycara 2
Sajjad Madani 2
William Enck 2
Sitharama Iyengar 2
Inderveer Chana 2
John Derrick 2
Umesh Bellur 2
Carl Gunter 2
Arun Ross 2
Victor Lesser 2
Douglas Comer 2
Clement Yu 2
Aristides Requicha 2
Justin Zobel 2
Giovanni Romano 2
Natarajan Shankar 2
Bruce Leverett 2
Eduardofreire Nakamura 2
Dennis Volpano 2
Olivier Danvy 2
Alan Feuer 2
Julia Lawall 2
Matthias Jarke 2
Barbara Ryder 2
Sushil Jajodia 2
George Cybenko 2
Yale Patt 2
Mehmet Akşit 2
John Wilkes 2
Pascal Van Hentenryck 2
Andy Cockburn 2
Chunyan Miao 2
Sarvnaz Karimi 2
Kotagiri Ramamohanarao 2
Jean Hubaux 2
Levente Buttyán 2
Maxime Crochemore 2
John Roddick 2
Ronald Brachman 2
Michael Wellman 2
Siba Mohanty 2
Gary Sockut 2
Patrick Hall 2
Frank Piessens 2
Narain Gehani 2
Donald Knuth 2
Ann Fitzsimmons 2
Tom Love 2
Erik Sandewall 2
Krithi Ramamritham 2
Dale Miller 2
Edmund Clarke 2
Jeannette Wing 2
Kim Bruce 2
Fabio Vitali 2
Daniel Schwabe 2
Ivona Brandić 2
Jeffrey Kurtz 2
Charu Aggarwal 2
Fátima Nunes 2
Anne Kermarrec 2
James Stanier 2
Francky Catthoor 2
S Iyengar 2
William Smyth 2
Cornelia Fermüller 2
Catherine McGeoch 2
George Lueker 2
Jonathan Walpole 2
Nathan Goodman 2
Shishir Nagaraja 2
Abdelhamid Bouchachia 2
Won Kim 2
Wolfgang Klas 2
Lester Lipsky 2
Thomas Moran 2
Frederick Lochovsky 2
James Church 2
Robert Sproull 2
Asuman Dogac 2
Rosemary Simpson 2
Abraham Silberschatz 2
C Hoare 2
Daniel Le Métayer 2
Philip Treleaven 2
Richard Millar 2
Alan Burns 2
Scott Thibault 2
Laura Lafave 2
Lori Clarke 2
Karl Lieberherr 2
David Brailsford 2
Stephen Taylor 2
Fabio Crestani 2
Kevin Martin 2
Brian Randell 2
Davide Brugali 2
Peter Triantafillou 2
Jochen Huber 2
Hafedh Mili 2
Matteo Rossi 2
Philip Bernstein 2
Alípio Jorge 2
Giuseppe Anastasi 2
Ronald Loui 2
Simon Kasif 2
Elisha Sacks 2
Andrew Turpin 2
Jörg Rothe 2
Dennis Severance 2
Joseph Paciorek 2
Jürg Nievergelt 2
Bruce Schachter 2
David Embley 2
Maarten Van Steen 2
Benjamin Bustos 2
Daniel Keim 2
Philip Wadler 2
William Kent 2
Kevin Crowston 2
André Schiper 2
Gerti Kappel 2
Eduardo Miranda 2
Gilles Muller 2
Carl Landwehr 2
Richard Snodgrass 2
John Hennessy 2
Ahmed Elmagarmid 2
John Mitchell 2
Alexander Brodsky 2
Kenneth Neves 2
Tiziana Catarci 2
Michael Mannino 2
Andreas Bulling 2
Andrzej Jajszczyk 2
Raymond Yeh 2
Christos Faloutsos 2
Sivan Toledo 2
Axel Jantsch 2
Alexander Gluhak 2
Andrew Newell 2
Rui Chen 1
Wen Gao 1
Torben Mogensen 1
Paola Mello 1
Sandro Etalle 1
Moreno Falaschi 1
Lucas Bordeaux 1
Randal Bryant 1
Berl Hartman 1
Fred Carter 1
Margaret Eich 1
Paul Suetens 1
Marvin Paull 1
Abraham Waksman 1
Lydia Kavraki 1
Dinesh Manocha 1
Alexis Kirke 1
Scott Davidson 1
Akihiko Takano 1
Masato Takeichi 1
Govind Sharma 1
Amit Sheth 1
Bernhard Westfechtel 1
Deborah Hix 1
Elias Houstis 1
Matthew Farrens 1
José Blakeley 1
James Coplien 1
Richard Stallman 1
William Newman 1
Scott Kohn 1
Lynn Stein 1
G Wise 1
Darren Vengroff 1
Michael Goodrich 1
Thomas Henzinger 1
Richard DeMillo 1
Shlomo Zilberstein 1
Rocco De Nicola 1
Jack Wileden 1
Mahadev Satyanarayanan 1
Jing Ma 1
Muffy Calder 1
Mike Fraser 1
Venkatraman Balasubramanian 1
Harish Bhaskar 1
Venu Vasudevan 1
Paul Pazandak 1
David Kuck 1
Philip Enslow 1
John Cherniavsky 1
Jason Dedrick 1
Eddie Shek 1
Daniel Reed 1
Peter Soderquist 1
Michael Mattsson 1
Richard Igou 1
Bernhard Eschermann 1
Teresa Gonçalves 1
Alejandra Garrido 1
Ezra Ebner 1
Tzilla Elrad 1
Rolf Knoll 1
Dilip Patel 1
Volker Luckas 1
Jørgen Knudsen 1
Jurgen Koch 1
Alba De Melo 1
Hussein Abdel-Wahab 1
Jaideep Vaidya 1
Yair Amir 1
Marco Platania 1
Xin Li 1
Daniel Borrajo 1
Ivan Serina 1
René Mayrhofer 1
Ina Schaefer 1
Alessandra De Paola 1
Richard Wheeler 1
Fred Douglis 1
Robert Soulé 1
Natalia Rodríguez 1
Manuel Cuéllar 1
Xiaowei Li 1
Christian Sommer 1
Gianluigi Zavattaro 1
Nadir Shah 1
Fanxin Kong 1
Luiz Coletta 1
Renato Mancuso 1
Edson Scalabrin 1
Ingrid Verbauwhede 1
Stefan Marr 1
Chenghsin Hsu 1
Max Mühlhäuser 1
Anirban Mukhopadhyay 1
Ujjwal Maulik 1
Donal O'Mahony 1
Mehdi Sookhak 1
Xiaofang Liu 1
Yuejiao Gong 1
Nizar Mabroukeh 1
Christie Ezeife 1
Mario Cannataro 1
Sarah Diesburg 1
Vijay Gurbani 1
Wei Wang 1
Teckchaw Ling 1
Johan Fabry 1
Yago Diez 1
Xavier Lladó 1
Martin Woodward 1
Gondy Leroy 1
Robert Keller 1
Michael Blasgen 1
Yuting Chen 1
Ahmed Al-Dubai 1
Floarea Serban 1
Joaquin Vanschoren 1
Ramon Ferrús 1
Huaiyu Liu 1
Carlos Agon 1
YiZhi Zhao 1
Maode Ma 1
Dorina Petriu 1
Srdjan Čapkun 1
Sasu Tarkoma 1
Funmilade Faniyi 1
Árpád Beszédes 1
Konsta Karsisto 1
Andre Dolenc 1
Tibor Gyimóthy 1
Claudio Ardagna 1
Ernesto Damiani 1
Mary Bailey 1
Jacques De Kergommeaux 1
Cecil Smith 1
Amir Yahyavi 1
Sherif Sakr 1
Mieke Massink 1
Pierluigi Plebani 1
Salima Benrernou 1
J Quinlan 1
Alyn Rockwood 1
Arie Kaufman 1
Lee Hollaar 1
Donald House 1
Raphael Finkel 1
Patrick Valduriez 1
Alan Watt 1
Jean Puget 1
Shamim Naqvi 1
David Lomet 1
Daniela Giorgi 1
Constantin Halatsis 1
John Villasenor 1
Philip Leong 1
Flavio Esposito 1
Ibrahim Matta 1
Giuseppe Cattaneo 1
Harry Mairson 1
Alexander Shvartsman 1
M Fitzgerald 1
Vladimir Estivill-Castro 1
Xavier Vera 1
Anna Formica 1
Vincenzo De Florio 1
Mongi Abidi 1
Jose Onieva 1
Javier López 1
Michel Fortier 1
Fred Weingarten 1
Martin Fischler 1
Kimberly Tam 1
Ali Feizollah 1
Lorenzo Cavallaro 1
Israel Koren 1
Victor Martinez 1
Orcun Cetin 1
Bernhard Rinner 1
Stefan Katzenbeisser 1
Edgar Weippl 1
Fabrício Silva 1
Yimin Yang 1
Yongcai Wang 1
Kaveh Hassani 1
Wonsook Lee 1
Rizos Sakellariou 1
Luke Deshotels 1
Jorge Blasco 1
Thomas Chen 1
Yi Chang 1
Radivoje Vasiljevic 1
Ramón Beivide 1
Mateo Valero 1
Irene Moser 1
Bradley Reaves 1
Joseph Gardiner 1
Neena Imam 1
Anna Levin 1
Éfren Souza 1
Alan Hanjalic 1
Yunhao Liu 1
Subir Ghosh 1
Pierre Jouvelot 1
Roberto Vezzani 1
Vittorio Illiano 1
Gregory Madey 1
Ahmed Alhammad 1
Jason Alexander 1
Jean Barthès 1
Chau Yuen 1
Tom Van Cutsem 1
Wolfgang De Meuter 1
Shu Shi 1
Diarmuid Coileain 1
Beomheyn Kim 1
Sukwon Oh 1
Yuanyuan Zhou 1
Muhammad Imran 1
Tongwei Chua 1
An Wang 1
Christine Parent 1
Chiara Renso 1
Natalia Andrienko 1
Hyejeong Hong 1
Jie Zhang 1
Xin Yao 1
Runhe Huang 1
Costas Goutis 1
Susan Lomax 1
Erkki Harjula 1
Marcel Campen 1
María Acevedo-Mosqueda 1
Marco Acevedo-Mosqueda 1
Christina Hebert 1
Mardé Helbig 1
Chetan Mutha 1
Ignacio Aedo 1
Jianhua Feng 1
Yong Rui 1
Qi Tian 1
Pietro Torasso 1
Stephen Allan 1
Vicki Allan 1
Matthew, Ginsberg 1
Robert Fenichel 1
Jerome Friedman 1
Aaron Ceglar 1
Riccardo Mattolini 1
Liba Svobodová 1
Geoff Dowling 1
Franz Aurenhammer 1
Caxton Foster 1
C Price 1
Rajeev Rastogi 1
Michael Korcuska 1
Rossella Petreschi 1
Jenny Preece 1
Donald Kossmann 1
Peter Müller 1
Yves Younan 1
Gianpaolo Cugola 1
Christiane Floyd 1
Sargur Srihari 1
Aline Viana 1
Junaid Arshad 1
Paul Townend 1
Maren Lenk 1
Carlos Coello 1
G Pavai 1
Ravinder Chandhok 1
Laurent Andrey 1
Ann Michaels 1
Peter Schwarz 1
Vangelis Paschos 1
Saul Rosen 1
Prasant Mohapatra 1
Lynn McKell 1
James Horning 1
Dennis Tsichritzis 1
John Worthmann 1
Jurij Šilc 1
Borut Robič 1
Asha Vellaikal 1
Yatin Chawathe 1
Brent Carlson 1
Tullio Vernazza 1
Bernard Moulin 1
C Suresh 1
C Yen 1
George Weinert 1
Francisco Rosa 1
Riccardo Capobianchi 1
Weitek Tsai 1
Guido Gryczan 1
Francesco Marcelloni 1
Bedir Tekinerdoğan 1
Verlyn Johnson 1
Michael Koch 1
James Hu 1
Danny Sorensen 1
Sebastian Werner 1
Javier Navaridas 1
Jean Jézéquel 1
Siqing Zheng 1
Ernest Foo 1
Desmond Schmidt 1
Seyit Çamtepe 1
Michał Ren 1
Bianca Baldacci 1
Dong Qiu 1
Hareton Leung 1
Hongyi Yao 1
Athanasios Vasilakos 1
Jens Krinke 1
Jian Chang 1
Krishna Venkatasubramanian 1
Anirban Basu 1
Chongwah Ngo 1
Maria Indrawan 1
Syed Hussain 1
Carmelo Ardito 1
Irving Paputungan 1
Zheng Yang 1
Xinglin Zhang 1
Bernhard Fechner 1
Ferran Roure 1
Kalpesh Kapoor 1
Xiaoguang Qi 1
Herbert Hecht 1
Tobias Bjerregaard 1
Marcello La Rosa 1
Fredrik Milani 1
Iris Groher 1
Goetz Botterweck 1
Zhendong Su 1
Stefano Calzavara 1
Chunqiu Zeng 1
Leandro De Carvalho 1
Sape Mullender 1
Meng Wang 1
Xiansheng Hua 1
Johan Garcia 1
Mic Bowman 1
Francis Chang 1
Luca Foschini 1
Sasikanth Avancha 1
Amit Baxi 1
Lucian Ilie 1
Roger Crouch 1
Antonin Beaujeant 1
Aphrodite Tsalgatidou 1
Cigdem Sengul 1
Aline Viana 1
Yu Xiao 1
Thomas Clancy 1
Henrique Madeira 1
Sena Cebeci 1
Rasool Asal 1
Hyunyul Lim 1
Koichi Takeda 1
Ranjit Jhala 1
Bandula Abeysundara 1
Pawan Goyal 1
Harrick Vin 1
Dilip Sarkar 1
Syed Islam 1
Robyn Owens 1
David Taylor 1
Peter Tescher 1
Ramesh Jain 1
Francesco Ranzato 1
James Goulding 1
Kingshan Lui 1
Suleyman Uludag 1
Gul Agha 1
Alan Mycroft 1
P Benton 1
C Jay 1
Joel Aron 1
Thomas Eiter 1
Christian Böhm 1
Thomas, Malone 1
Ari Freund 1
Ricardo Fabbri 1
Gary Nutt 1
Frederick Weinhaus 1
Irving Wendel 1
Wesley Johnston 1
Óscar Ibáñez 1
Miguel Botella 1
Alsayed Algergawy 1
Giovanni Cantone 1
Laurie Mcleod 1
Stephen MacDonell 1
Anderson Rocha 1
Manuel Wimmer 1
Fariba Sadri 1
James Howison 1
José Pino 1
Christopher Kruegel 1
Mengchi Liu 1
David Patterson 1
Matthias Felleisen 1
Norman Badler 1
Pierre Akiki 1
Yaoyi Chiang 1
Christian Kästner 1
Gunter Saake 1
Marco Ortolani 1
Yves Paindaveine 1
Berdenia Stanley 1
Laurent Lefèvre 1
Luís Caires 1
Junbin Liang 1
Shahbaz Abid 1
Mazliza Othman 1
Tao Li 1
Salman Khwaja 1
Jie Wu 1
Muhammad Alam 1
Richard Brooks 1
Riccardo Coppola 1
Maurizio Morisio 1
Hiranava Das 1
Hugues Mercier 1
Taesoo Kim 1
Yang Ji 1
Panagiotis Kokkinos 1
Amit Kaul 1
Yehia Elshater 1
Rizwana Irfan 1
Arturo González-Escribano 1
Joel Rodrigues 1
Chao Chen 1
György Wersényi 1
Daniel Rodríguez 1
Rita Cucchiara 1
Shijin Zhang 1
Tianshi Chen 1
Niki Pissinou 1
Ramon Souza 1
Roy Shilkrot 1
Roel Peeters 1
Naveed Hassan 1
Mathias Fischer 1
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay 1
Sarah Vieweg 1
Suranga Nanayakkara 1
Carlos Castillo 1
Aleksandar Milenkoski 1
Alberto Avritzer 1
Alexander Pokluda 1
André Platzer 1
George Loukas 1
Simone Faro 1
Timo Koskela 1
Otso Kassinen 1
Mehdi Saeedi 1
Mark Nixon 1
Andrea Bellucci 1
Dongzhe Ma 1
Sai Wu 1
David Waltz 1
Ruzena Bajcsy 1
William Clancey 1
Randall Lee 1
Vladimir Lifschitz 1
David Rice 1
H Christiaen 1
Pierfrancesco Bellini 1
Stefan Podlipnig 1
Dong Zheng 1
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik 1
M Elphick 1
María Serna 1
ShinFu Chang 1
Clifford Rose 1
Robin Williams 1
Charles Wetherell 1
David Johnson 1
Edward Fox 1
Ana Maguitman 1
John Hatcliff 1
Erhard Nullmeier 1
Edward Frank 1
Michael Franz 1
Aryya Gangopadhyay 1
Wei Jie 1
H Du 1
Idit Keidar 1
Khushro Shahookar 1
Ronald Prather 1
Jack Dennis 1
Sengphil Hong 1
Won Kim 1
Morrie Gasser 1
Douglas Keenan 1
Yannis Vassiliou 1
João Cardoso 1
Sandrine Blazy 1
Maurizio Gabbrieli 1
Germán Vidal 1
Omar Javed 1
Lintao Zhang 1
Ralf Steinbruggen 1
J and 1
Edward Barkmeyer 1
Leo Mark 1
William Schucany 1
Bernard Elspas 1
David Mount 1
Dimitris Metaxas 1
S Muthukrishnan 1
Jack Snoeyink 1
Herbert Edelsbrunner 1
John Hershberger 1
Stanley Habib 1
Wesley Clark 1
Omran Bukhres 1
Gio Wiederhold 1
Zhenjiang Hu 1
Ali Mili 1
Howard Shrobe 1
Richard Hull 1
Bent Thomsen 1
Craig Chambers 1
William Older 1
Barbara Blaustein 1
Cliff Jones 1
Robert Todd 1
Andrew Black 1
Kevin Jeffay 1
William Mckeeman 1
Jacob Slonim 1
Rajeev Alur 1
Gerard Holzmann 1
Stuart Shieber 1
Boris Magnusson 1
Edward Miller 1
Carla Ellis 1
Chen Wang 1
Alejandro Metke-Jimenez 1
Jun Zhang 1
Lamia Elabed 1
Nikos Pelekis 1
Wolfgang De Meuter 1
David Clark 1
Insup Lee 1
Ahmad Hani 1
Mohd Hassan 1
Eva Gibaja 1
Sebastián Ventura 1
Arpan Roy 1
Dimitrios Rodopoulos 1
Robert Hierons 1
Kirill Bogdanov 1
E Jensen 1
Suhas Patil 1
Shankar Mahadevan 1
G Pandey 1
Marco Squarcina 1
Mauro Tempesta 1
Shuching Chen 1
Jainendra Navlakha 1
Mohammad Manshaei 1
Shlomo Weiss 1
Boldizsár Bencsáth 1
Pedro Inácio 1
Ann Gordon-Ross 1
P Oorschot 1
Luca Cittadini 1
Anna Brunstrom 1
Dong Zhou 1
Philippe Esling 1
Sergey Zhuravlev 1
Juan Sáez 1
JingBing Zhang 1
S Mansouri 1
Nicholas Diakopoulos 1
Eleni Koutrouli 1
Christian Blum 1
Jaeil Lim 1
Jacques Fellay 1
XiaoFeng Wang 1
K Subramanian 1
Thomas Aden 1
Tobias Schreck 1
Tim Harris 1
John Aycock 1
Uday Reddy 1
Georg Gottlob 1
Edgar Chávez 1
Stefan Berchtold 1
Peter Urban 1
Hyacinth Nwana 1
Dan Bernard 1
Djemel Ziou 1
Óscar Cordón 1
Rick Kazman 1
Walter Scheirer 1
Torsten Anders 1
Kangning Wei 1
Valeria Herskovic 1
Sergio Ochoa 1
Alfons Kemper 1
Oscar Waddell 1
Scott Draves 1
Norman Paton 1
Suzanne Pawlowski 1
Herbert Kuchen 1
C Verruijt 1
Maureen Harris Cheheyl 1
James Hester 1
Hector Garcia-Molina 1
Pedro Diniz 1
Philip Wickline 1
Michele Bugliesi 1
Hassan Reghbati 1
Allen Johnson 1
Steve Fox 1
B Shannon 1
Richard Furuta 1
G Denys 1
Bülent Yener 1
Walter Wilson 1
Montgomery Phister 1
Jukka Paakki 1
Hubie Chen 1
Curtis Roads 1
Jean Gagne 1
Alastair Donaldson 1
Steven Derose 1
Douglas Engelbart 1
Soumen Chakrabarti 1
Alan Smeaton 1
Siegfried Reich 1
Gail Reynard 1
Steve Benford 1
Janet Verbyla 1
Jake Aggarwal 1
Jean Guillaume 1
Gian Picco 1
Martin Erwig 1
Roverli Ziwich 1
Michaelsahngwon Ryoo 1
Falk Scholer 1
Bettina Kemme 1
Kevin Roundy 1
Barton Miller 1
Rocco De Nicola 1
Chaochao Feng 1
Daniel Thalmann 1
M Rao 1
Michael Flynn 1
Brad Mehlenbacher 1
Judea Pearl 1
Stuart Hirshfield 1
Linda Weldon 1
Rodrigo Barros 1
Stephanie Forrest 1
Pasquale Malacaria 1
Hartmut Ehrig 1
Susanne Albers 1
Cornelis Van Rijsbergen 1
Mounia Lalmas 1
Richard Holt 1
John Carlis 1
Ran El-Yaniv 1
Nash Aragam 1
Nor Anuar 1
Dongyoung Koo 1
Laurence Nigay 1
Jano Van Hemert 1
Fernando Berzal 1
Alexander Magnano 1
Boris Velichkovsky 1
Jens Helmert 1
Zheng Yang 1
Pablo Castro 1
Daqing Zhang 1
Karim Barkati 1
Ruiyang Wu 1
Mukesh Saini 1
Abdulhameed Alelaiwi 1
Xinyu Jin 1
Vanderson Botêlho 1
Otto Lessing 1
Tariq Jadoon 1
Mattias De Wael 1
Bruno De Fraine 1
Martin Monperrus 1
Klaus Schoeffmann 1
Francisco Hernández-Rodríguez 1
Yu Wang 1
Neil Yen 1
Michael Pearce 1
Ray Hunt 1
Angeliki Kritikakou 1
Matthew Gerber 1
Mireia Farrús 1
Mohand Boughanem 1
Bernt Schiele 1
Peter Fontana 1
Jacques Pitrat 1
Austin Tate 1
Steven Beauchemin 1
Neus Català 1
Rama Chellappa 1
Simon Puglisi 1
Dagmar Bruß 1
Hassnaa Moustafa 1
Hossam AFIFI 1
Robert Wójcik 1
David Zhang 1
Daniel Bobrow 1
J McKinney 1
Jaishankar Menon 1
David Dewitt 1
Daniel Mossé 1
Qi Tian 1
Venkat Gudivada 1
Borko Furht 1
John Iliffe 1
Joonho Kong 1
Wouter Joosen 1
Hossain Shahriar 1
Mohammad Zulkernine 1
Jan Midtgaard 1
Josep Silva 1
William White 1
H Hellerman 1
Zhiyuan Chen 1
Sami Iren 1
Rupak Majumdar 1
Fabrizio Sebastiani 1
Kevin Knight 1
Efstratios Gallopoulos 1
Brent Hailpern 1
Bruce Barnes 1
Jane Liu 1
Gregory Abowd 1
William Griswold 1
Jeff Sutherland 1
Stephen Fink 1
Catherine McCollum 1
Steven German 1
Bart Selman 1
Dannyziyi Chen 1
Thomas Conte 1
Robert Cupper 1
Bonnie John 1
John Lehoczky 1
Joel Emer 1
Jim Smith 1
Mohamed Gouda 1
Gert Smolka 1
Roy Rada 1
Hanspeter Mössenböck 1
Jon Riecke 1
Vassilis Prevelakis 1
Liqiang Geng 1
Kenneth Anderson 1
Jacco Van Ossenbruggen 1
Peter Brusilovsky 1
Megan Quentin-Baxter 1
David Bacon 1
Alan Bull 1
Susan Wiedenbeck 1
Patricia Beatty 1
James Miller 1
J Aggarwal 1
Albert Christoph 1
Ayman Fayoumi 1
Diego Latella 1
Shanika Karunasekera 1
Sibel Yenikaya 1
Aluízio Araújo 1
Renata Rego 1
Xin Zhang 1
Zhiguang Han 1
Marcus Pendleton 1
Richard Garcia-Lebron 1
T Geetha 1
Christine Neuwirth 1
James Morris 1
Francis Kubala 1
Edward Grossman 1
Gil Hansen 1
Randall Frank 1
Lee Erman 1
Francis Quek 1
Heinz Bender 1
Robert Glück 1
Graem Ringwood 1
Lester Heitger 1
Ritendra Datta 1
Jia Li 1
Michael Marefat 1
Nour Abura'ed 1
Maximilian Capraro 1
Hing Fung 1
Stephen Yau 1
David Helmbold 1
Ian Witten 1
Charles Colbourn 1
Rudy Hirschheim 1
John Savage 1
Angela Schuett 1
Suchitra Raman 1
TeckLee Tung 1
Andrew Swan 1
Neil Jones 1
Joseph Gallian 1
P Krishna 1
Anne Liret 1
François Pachet 1
José Troya 1
James Brancheau 1
Antero Taivalsaari 1
Weizhong Shao 1
Paniti Netinant 1
Atef Bader 1
David Hamu 1
Kai Koskimies 1
Stefan Rausch-Schott 1
Shankar Karuppayah 1
Piotr Chołda 1
Pattie Maes 1
Tianyin Xu 1
Zhixian Yan 1
Vânia Bogorny 1
Tom Van Cutsem 1
Daniel Lázaro 1
Simon Fleming 1
Smruti Sarangi 1
Doron Tauber 1
Stephen Kelley 1
Jiajun Liu 1
Yves Robert 1
Wanita Sherchan 1
Surya Nepal 1
Eftychia Fotiadou 1
Nikos Nikolaidis 1
Deniz Altinbüken 1
Christian Herdin 1
Adrien Maglo 1
Guillaume Lavoué 1
Florent Dupont 1
Céline Hudelot 1
Santonu Sarkar 1
Mohamed Sabry 1
David Atienza 1
Jonathan Bowen 1
Jim Gray 1
Britta Meixner 1
Wil Van Der Aalst 1
Riccardo Focardi 1
Imed Romdhani 1
Yexi Jiang 1
Wei Xue 1
Richard Gilbert 1
Mário Freire 1
Gordon Pace 1
Matej Črepinšek 1
Giuseppe Battista 1
Carlos Soares 1
German Tischler 1
Munina Yusufu 1
Davide Zanetti 1
Glenn Hawe 1
Melody Ivory 1
Roman Vitenberg 1
Rajendra Bose 1
Guido Urdaneta 1
Juan Bicarregui 1
Jorg Riesmeier 1
Gilberto Filé 1
Peter Chen 1
David Gelernter 1
Gregory Brewster 1
Geoffrey Smith 1
William Frakes 1
Lorenzo Strigini 1
Shaji Bhaskar 1
Rajiv Gupta 1
Richard Hopkins 1
Luciano Costa 1
Raman Ramsin 1
Renzo Angles 1
Claudio Gutiérrez 1
Subject index 1
Venkat Devarajan 1
Edward Bender 1
Sriram Sankar 1
Chiara Francalanci 1
Inmaculada Aleman 1
Robert Davis 1
R Dybvig 1
David Basin 1
Muhammad Nanda 1
Felix Gärtner 1
Óscar Díaz 1
Brian Kernighan 1
Peter Brown 1
Jonathan Millen 1
Vecheslav Volkov 1
Diomidis Spinellis 1
Andrei Klimov 1
Frank Pfenning 1
Richard Frost 1
Carl Smith 1
Christopher Fraser 1
Gomer Thomas 1
J Farrar 1
Chao Gao 1
Talal Noor 1
Quan Sheng 1
Martin Radetzki 1
David Kingsbury 1
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann 1
Jürgen Ziegler 1
Howard Siegel 1
Raimund Ege 1
Doug Burger 1
David Wood 1
Alan Mackworth 1
Claudia Landi 1
Scott Hauck 1
Costas Vassilakis 1
Wayne Luk 1
Karsten Weihe 1
Vatche Ishakian 1
Gabriele Taentzer 1
Andrzej Tarlecki 1
Juraj Hromkovič 1
Micha Sharir 1
Christopher Leckie 1
Dertsai Lee 1
Stephen Schach 1
Balaji Raghavachari 1
Karen Kukich 1
Herbert Freeman 1
Michal Szymaniak 1
Nancy Leveson 1
Peter Freeman 1
Koen Simoens 1
éric Lecolinet 1
Daniel Servos 1
Michel Van Eeten 1
Marco Aiello 1
Chii Chang 1
Jean Favreau 1
David Payton 1
Yihong Gong 1
Michael Christel 1
Tseyun Feng 1
William, Rouse 1
Richard Mayer 1
Victor Voydock 1
Koen De Hondt 1
Ahmed Sameh 1
Ling Liu 1
Huadong Dai 1
Mikel Luján 1
Niall Murray 1
Gabriel Muntean 1
Liang Hu 1
Xilong Che 1
Ihsam Lami 1
Shamik Sural 1
Kenneth Radke 1
Pol Arias 1
Roswitha Gostner 1
Melissa Morine 1
Carl Gutwin 1
Sylvain Malacria 1
Bixin Li 1
Willem Jonker 1
Adam Jatowt 1
Anna Roubickova 1
Craig Knoblock 1
Joanne Treurniet 1
Markus Stumptner 1
Dejan Milo&jacute;icic 1
Marcos Assunção 1
Hans Hüttel 1
Emilio Tuosto 1
Marco Carbone 1
Luca Padovani 1
Xiaowei Zhou 1
Marko Vukolić 1
Linnyer Ruiz 1
Eduardo Cerqueira 1
Wenjun Jiang 1
Kashif Bilal 1
Attaur Khan 1
Muhammad Shiraz 1
Durgesh Samant 1
Jamshaid Malik 1
Daniel Silva 1
Peipei Wang 1
Jason Gionta 1
Xiaohui Gu 1
Jude Ambrose 1
Duncan Wilson 1
Florian Daniel 1
Gildas Avoine 1
Louis Demay 1
Karin Hummel 1
Kashifnizam Khan 1
Mohammed Feham 1
Simone Brienza 1
Öznur Özkasap 1
Quanghieu Vu 1
Samuel Kounev 1
Bryan Payne 1
Guozhu Meng 1
Raouf Boutaba 1
Bingdong Li 1
Awais Rashid 1
Mary Harrison 1
Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat 1
Guoliang Li 1
Steven Hoi 1
Luca Console 1
George Dodd 1
Margaret Atkins 1
Johnny Wong 1
Alfred Dale 1
David Alberts 1
Alicia Ageno 1
Jordi Turmo 1
Wenyi Zhao 1
Gábor Erdélyi 1
Henrik Pilegaard 1
Yimin Wang 1
David Hsaio 1
James Baker 1
Qing Li 1
Linda Kieffer 1
Elisabeth André 1
Mario Gonzalez 1
David Redmiles 1
Carlos Chesñevar 1
Christine Tomlinson 1
T Dolotta 1
Changhai Nie 1
Fatiha Zaïdi 1
Arantza Illarramendi 1
Ishfaq Ahmad 1
W Maurer 1
Weekeong Ng 1
Ming Lin 1
Jeff Erickson 1
Christian Jensen 1
Matthew Edman 1
David Landskov 1
Bruce Shriver 1
Edward Schrems 1
Evaggelia Pitoura 1
James Larson 1
Yuri Leontiev 1
Volker Gaede 1
Ron Cytron 1
Debra Lelewer 1
Owen Astrachan 1
Yoav Shoham 1
David Garlan 1
Jan Groote 1
Thomas Cormen 1
Barbara Grosz 1
Reinhard Wilhelm 1
Mehmet Dincbas 1
Eugene Freuder 1
Hans Schek 1
Scot Drysdale 1
Gary Strong 1
Samuel Kamin 1
Paul Green 1
Alice Miller 1
Howard Hamilton 1
Daniel Cunliffe 1
Sougata Mukherjea 1
Wensyan Li 1
Hugh Davis 1
Valeria Cardellini 1
Michele Colajanni 1
Luca Mottola 1
Andrew Ko 1
Ian Reay 1
Scott Dick 1
Maurice Wilkes 1
Russell Greiner 1
Gokhan Yenikaya 1
Ekrem Duven 1
Jian Yu 1
Jamescornelius King 1
Michael Norman 1
M Reid 1
Vassilis Tsotras 1
Oded Goldreich 1
Derrick Kourie 1
I MacCallum 1
Maurizio Lenzerini 1
Shamkant Navathe 1
Richard Borie 1
Craig Thompson 1
Phyllis Reisner 1
Charles McDowell 1
Bruce Abramson 1
Vijay Gurbaxani 1
Miodrag Potkonjak 1
Elan Amir 1
A Shankar 1
Andrea Valerio 1
Elizabeth Kendall 1
Pierre Roy 1
Alberto Coen-Porisini 1
Dirk Bäumer 1
Wolfgang Pree 1
Geoff Staples 1
Howard Hoover 1
James Richardson 1
Kai Matzel 1
Raman Kannan 1
Patrick Steyaert 1
Seyed Hoseinitabatabaei 1
Michele Nati 1
Azzedine Boukerche 1
Jinzhu Kong 1
Juan Caballero 1
Yuansong Qiao 1
Flávia Delicato 1
Paulo Pires 1
Kayhan Ghafoor 1
Marco Crocco 1
Ramesh Rayudu 1
Aron Laszka 1
Francesco Calabrese 1
Jose Caceres-Cruz 1
Milo Tomašević 1
Olabode Anise 1
Rodrigo Steiner 1
Kangjie Lu 1
Yeongjin Jang 1
Dimitrios Kalogeras 1
Konstantinos Margaritis 1
Christoph Kofler 1
Partha Goswami 1
Ricardo Pedro 1
Ádám Csapó 1
Wojciech Mazurczyk 1
Israel Herraiz 1
Yunji Chen 1
Ling Li 1
Mingming Guo 1
Jim Woodcock 1
Giovani Gracioli 1
Rodolfo Pellizzoni 1
Aqsa Naeem 1
Joaquim Jorge 1
Brian Wyvill 1
Wei Huang 1
Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis 1
Fahimeh Moghaddam 1
Paola Grosso 1
Sibel Adalı 1
Vrizlynn Thing 1
Jinu Kurian 1
Kamil Sarac 1
Yannis Theodoridis 1
Laurence Tratt 1
Viktor Fischer 1
Pedro García-Teodoro 1
Ian Wakeman 1
Jierui Xie 1
Boleslaw Szymanski 1
Hengtao Shen 1
Santonu Sarkar 1
Muhammad Chaudhry 1
Atif Manzoor 1
Giuseppe Desolda 1
Chenshu Wu 1
Dimitrios Vergados 1
Phillip Conrad 1
Paul Amer 1
John Quarterman 1
Weiyi Meng 1
Yasushi Saito 1
Marc Shapiro 1
Prashant Shenoy 1
Tanusree Pai 1
William Tolone 1
Gailjoon Ahn 1
Mischa Schwartz 1
Dejan Vranić 1
Henri Bal 1
Paolo Ciancarini 1
David Gilbert 1
Karoline Malmkjær 1
Carol Terry 1
Paolo Santi 1
Dror Rawitz 1
Errata 1
John May 1
Hong Zhu 1
Roger Chin 1
Samuel Chanson 1
Dawid Weiss 1
Fernando Navarro 1
Matthew Parris 1
Theodoor Scholte 1
Matthew Dwyer 1
Niklaus Wirth 1
Herbert Steinberg 1
Stephanos Androutsellis-Theotokis 1
J Yohe 1
Daniel Hirschberg 1
Bern Martens 1
Danny De Schreye 1
John Kollias 1
Mubarak Shah 1
Helmuth Partsch 1
Priti Mishra 1
Frank Matthijs 1
Dinesh Pai 1
Ronald Srodawa 1
David Zage 1
Bruce Pennycook 1
David Skillicorn 1
Christopher Bishop 1
Kevin Rudd 1
Jim Johnson 1
John Stasko 1
Julie McCann 1
Jeff Ruilifson 1
Silvia Biasotti 1
Laura Papaleo 1
Sylvain Petitjean 1
PaiCheng Chu 1
Damian Tamburri 1
Faith Fich 1
Catuscia Palamidessi 1
Roland Chin 1
Veli Mäkinen 1
Rajeev Motwani 1
Prabhakar Raghavan 1
Steven Reiss 1
Samir Khuller 1
Frank Lewis 1
S Sudarshan 1
Ivan Sutherland 1
Thomas Parsons 1
Scott Lewandowski 1
Amy Karlson 1
Yi Yao 1
Jianying Zhou 1
Laszlo Belady 1
Danny De Cock 1
Rosli Salleh 1
Junbeom Hur 1
Sylvia Osborn 1
Noura Aljeri 1
Shouhuai Xu 1
Susan Regli 1
Sean Colbath 1
Thomas Bannon 1
Jean Scholtz 1
Samuel Bayer 1
Sankar Virdhagriswaran 1
Jonathan Rees 1
Hervé Gallaire 1
Roy Levin 1
James Donahue 1
Chakkuen Wong 1
Christoph Bösch 1
Dietmar Jannach 1
S Iyengar 1
Yue Shi 1
Pedro Larrañaga 1
Songnian Zhou 1
Albert Bifet 1
Mykola Pechenizkiy 1
Jun Tang 1
Qi Li 1
Elvis Liu 1
Sridha Sridharan 1
Md Bhuiyan 1
Shuching Chen 1
Mustapha Bagiwa 1
Ilia Pietri 1
Miguel Abreu 1
Bruno Andrade 1
Johann Brault-Baron 1
Jiliang Tang 1
Mateus Ribeiro 1
Roman Trobec 1
Gabriel Dias 1
Byron Wright 1
Rahul Bobhate 1
Jiang Xiao 1
Sangho Lee 1
Mingwei Shih 1
Ruggero Labati 1
Enrique Muñoz 1
Gaurav Jaswal 1
Shadi Khalifa 1
Kiran Sundaravarathan 1
Rebekka Renner 1
Gang Pan 1
Soumya Sen 1
Jesús González-Barahona 1
Bogdan Carbunar 1
Claus Nielsen 1
Jan Peleska 1
Tim Weninger 1
Jürgen Steimle 1
Jones Granatyr 1
Daniel Lopes 1
Pauline Jepp 1
Sebastian Zander 1
Georgia Psychou 1
Paul Krause 1
Anthony Simons 1
Jeremy Dick 1
Marian Gheorghe 1
Bruce Lindsay 1
Franco Putzolu 1
Marlon Dumas 1
Ting Su 1
Marwa Salayma 1
Quanyan Zhu 1
Isabelle Demeure 1
William III 1
Paulo Monteiro 1
Tom Bostoen 1
John Dionisio 1
Des Watson 1
Abraham Bernstein 1
Łukasz Budzisz 1
Paolo Bellavista 1
João Mendes-Moreira 1
Cyril Leung 1
Evguenia Kopylova 1
Boualem Benatallah 1
Daniele Tessera 1
Claire Cardie 1
Julio Hernández-Castro 1
Domenico Cotroneo 1
David Hutchison 1
Erman Ayday 1
Patricia Ruiz 1
Pascal Bouvry 1
Zhu Wang 1
Vasilios Kelefouras 1
Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez 1
Carol Smidts 1
Mohammad Parvez 1
Igor Markov 1
Feng Li 1
Didier Dubois 1
Henri Prade 1
Feng Zhao 1
Subbarao Kambhampati 1
Domenico Talia 1
Jules Desharnais 1
Richard Bergeron 1
Ian Horswill 1
Dirk Grunwald 1
Wenhann Wang 1
Prasad Sistla 1
Kent Wittenburg 1
Fernando Pereira 1
William Swartout 1
Doron Peled 1
John Rushby 1
Jos Baeten 1
Rina Dechter 1
Eric Roberts 1
Lui Sha 1
Mark Bernstein 1
Uffe Wiil 1
John Leggett 1
Ross Wilkinson 1
Robert Cailliau 1
Douglas Tudhope 1
Paul De Bra 1
Susan Graham 1
Oliver Sharp 1
Nikolaos Kotsis 1
Anton Dahbura 1
John McDermott 1
CléMence Magnien 1
Steffen Van Bakel 1
Luiz Albini 1
Hans Van Vliet 1
André De Carvalho 1
Kyriakos Kritikos 1
Marco Comuzzi 1
Michael Parkin 1
Hui Wang 1
Xueqian Zhao 1
Stefano Ceri 1
Thomas Doeppner 1
John Antonio 1
Wolfgang Dzida 1
Manuel Hermenegildo 1
Dan Olsen 1
Frederick Hayes-Roth 1
Stanley Dunn 1
Michel, Dubois 1
Jin Jing 1
Douglas Dunlop 1
William Howden 1
Saleh Abdullahi 1
Sharad Wagle 1
Avi Wigderson 1
David Ebert 1
Dhiraj Joshi 1
R Parker 1
Murray Campbell 1
Jurgen Koch 1
Randolph Nelson 1
John Cleary 1
Richard Baskerville 1
Thomas Ellman 1
Jean Rivest 1
Theo Ungerer 1
Ivan Marsic 1
Peter Molin 1
James Carey 1
Paolo Predonzani 1
Chirag Pathak 1
Jurgen Buchner 1
Greg Butler 1
Rudolf Keller 1
Sushil Birla 1
Carol Brown 1
Carola Lilienthal 1
Margaret Ross 1
Yingwu Wang 1
Paul Sorenson 1
Peter Whelan 1
Jaideep Srivastava 1
Ralf Dörner 1
Edans Sandes 1
Yi Ren 1
Qingbo Wu 1
Brent Mittelstadt 1
Halgurd Maghdid 1
Marco Cristani 1
Andrea Trucco 1
Daniel Guimarans 1
Hamid Talebian 1
Jinhee Cho 1
Fernando Diaz 1
Darell Tan 1
Guy Tremblay 1
Ghizlane El Boussaidi 1
Stefano Spaccapietra 1
Gennady Andrienko 1
Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis 1
Kelly Androutsopoulos 1
Arnaud Hubaux 1
Theinthan Tun 1
Joan Marquès 1
Josep Jorba 1
Lubos Gaspar 1
Guy Gogniat 1
Gabriel Maciá-FernáNdez 1
Stephen Naicken 1
Rajshekar Kalayappan 1
Zi Huang 1
Hongyun Cai 1
Levi Shaul 1
Mirco Musolesi 1
Olga Zoidi 1
Xu Wang 1
Dimitrios Vergados 1
Geetika Goel 1
Tobias Noll 1
Hussein Zedan 1
Roberto Navigli 1
Irving Traiger 1
Raymond Lorie 1
Arnab Biswas 1
Muhammad Garba 1
Sayantan Nath 1