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Systematic Review of Software Behavioral Model Consistency Checking

In software development, models are often used to represent multiple views of the same system. Such models need to be properly related to each other... (more)

Changes as First-Class Citizens

Software must evolve to keep up with an ever-changing context, the real world. We discuss an emergent trend in software evolution research revolving around the central notion that drives evolution: Change. By reifying change, and by modelling it as a first-class entity, researchers can now analyse the complex phenomenon known as software evolution... (more)

Online Algorithms with Advice

In online scenarios requests arrive over time, and each request must be serviced in an irrevocable manner before the next request arrives. Online algorithms with advice is an area of research where one attempts to measure how much knowledge of future requests is necessary to achieve a given performance level, as defined by the competitive ratio.... (more)

Deep Learning Advances in Computer Vision with 3D Data

Deep learning has recently gained popularity achieving state-of-the-art performance in tasks involving text, sound, or image processing. Due to its... (more)

Imitation Learning

Imitation learning techniques aim to mimic human behavior in a given task. An agent (a learning machine) is trained to perform a task from demonstrations by learning a mapping between observations and actions. The idea of teaching by imitation has been around for many years; however, the field is gaining attention recently due to advances in... (more)

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Team Sports

Team-based invasion sports such as football, basketball, and hockey are similar in the sense that the players are able to move freely around the playing area and that player and team performance cannot be fully analysed without considering the movements and interactions of all players as a group. State-of-the-art object tracking systems now produce... (more)

A Survey on Ensemble Learning for Data Stream Classification

Ensemble-based methods are among the most widely used techniques for data stream classification. Their popularity is attributable to their good... (more)

A Survey and Comparative Study of Hard and Soft Real-Time Dynamic Resource Allocation Strategies for Multi-/Many-Core Systems

Multi-/many-core systems are envisioned to satisfy the ever-increasing performance requirements of... (more)

Current State of Text Sentiment Analysis from Opinion to Emotion Mining

Sentiment analysis from text consists of extracting information about opinions, sentiments, and even emotions conveyed by writers towards topics of... (more)

A Taxonomy and Survey of Cloud Resource Orchestration Techniques

Cloud services and applications prove indispensable amid today’s modern utility-based computing. The cloud has displayed a disruptive and... (more)

A Survey of Techniques for Cache Partitioning in Multicore Processors

As the number of on-chip cores and memory demands of applications increase, judicious management of cache resources has become not merely attractive... (more)

Simulation and Experimentation Platforms for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Ocean and water basically cover the major parts of our planet. To obtain the best utilization of the underlying resources on these parts of the Earth,... (more)


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ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) publishes comprehensive, readable tutorials and survey papers that give guided tours through the literature and explain topics to those who seek to learn the basics of areas outside their specialties. These carefully planned and presented introductions are also an excellent way for professionals to develop perspectives on, and identify trends in complex technologies. Recent issues have covered image understanding, software reusability, and object and relational database topics. 

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Forthcoming Articles
Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR): A Survey

This article comprehensively surveys Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR). We address the challenges posed by online handwriting recognition including ligatures, dots and diacritic problems, online/offline touching of text, and geometric variations. Then, we present a general model of AOHR system that incorporates the different phases of an AOHR system. We summarize the main AOHR databases and identify their uses and limitations. Preprocessing techniques that are used in AOHR, viz. normalization, smoothing, de-hooking, baseline identification, and delayed stroke processing, are presented with illustrative examples. We discuss different techniques for Arabic online handwriting segmentation at the character and morpheme levels and identify their limitations. Feature extraction techniques that are used in AOHR are discussed and their challenges identified. We address the classification techniques of non-cursive (characters and digits) and cursive Arabic online handwriting and analyze their applications. We discuss different classification techniques, viz. structural approaches, SVM, Fuzzy SVM, Neural Networks, HMM, Genetic algorithms, decision trees, and rule-based systems, and analyze their performance. Post-processing techniques are also discussed. Several tables that summarize the surveyed publications are provided for ease of reference and comparison. In the conclusions, we summarize the current limitations and difficulties of AOHR, and future directions of research.

Data Science: A Comprehensive Overview

The twenty-first century has ushered in the age of data economy, in which data DNA becomes an intrinsic constituent of all data-based organisms and carries important knowledge and insights. An appropriate understanding of data DNA and their organisms relies on a new field: data science and its keystone analytics. Although it is widely debated whether big data is a hype and buzz and data science is at its very early phase, significant challenges and opportunities are emerging or inspired from the research, innovation, business and education of data science and analytics. This paper provides a comprehensive survey and tutorial of fundamental aspects of data science and analytics: the evolution from data analysis to data science, the data science concepts, a big picture of the era of data science, major challenges and directions in data innovation, the nature of data analytics, new industrialization and service opportunities in data economy, profession and competency of data education, and typical pitfalls in data science. This article serves as the first in the field to draw a comprehensive big picture, in addition to rich observations, lessons and thinking about data science and analytics.

Analysis of JavaScript Programs: Challenges and Research Trends

JavaScript has been a de facto standard language for client-side web programs, and now it is expanding its territory to general purpose programs including compilers and games. In this paper, we classify the JavaScript research for last 10 or so years into 6 topics: formalization and reasoning, type safety and JIT optimization, security for web applications, static analysis, dynamic analysis, and empirical studies. We then evaluate research trends in the static analysis topic: extending analysis scope; improving analysis precision, scalability, and usability; and broadening analysis applications. Finally, we discuss possible future research directions with open challenges.

Foundations of Modern Graph Query Languages

We survey foundational features underlying modern graph query languages. We first discuss two popular graph data models: edge-labelled graphs, where nodes are connected to other nodes by directed, labelled edges; and property graphs, where nodes and edges can have attributes. Next we discuss the two most basic graph querying functionalities: graph patterns and navigational expressions. We start with graph patterns, in which a graph-structured query is matched against the data. Thereafter we discuss navigational expressions, in which patterns can be matched recursively against the graph to navigate paths of arbitrary length; we give an overview of what kinds of expressions have been proposed, and how such expressions can be combined with graph patterns. We also discuss a variety of semantics under which queries using the previous features can be evaluated, what effects the introduction of additional features and the selection of semantics has on complexity, as well as offering examples of said features in three modern languages that can be used to query graphs: SPARQL, Cypher and Gremlin. We conclude with discussion of the importance of formalisation for graph query languages, as well as possible future directions in which such languages can be extended.

Automated Vehicle Detection and Classification: Models, Methods, and Techniques

Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC) based on vision sensors has received active attention from researchers, due to heightened security concerns in Intelligent Transportation Systems. In this work, we propose a categorization of AVC studies based on the granularity of classification, namely Vehicle Type Recognition (VTR), Vehicle Make Recognition (VMR) and Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR). For each category of AVC systems, we present a comprehensive review and comparison of features extraction, global representation, and classification techniques. The various datasets proposed over the years for AVC are also compared in light of the real-world challenges they represent, and those they do not. The major challenges involved in each category of AVC systems are presented, highlighting open problems in this area of research. Finally, we conclude by providing future directions of research in this area, paving the way towards efficient large-scale AVC systems. This survey shall help researchers interested in the area to analyze works completed so far in each category of AVC, focusing on techniques proposed for each module, and to chalk out strategies to enhance state-of-the-art technology.

A Survey on Post-silicon Functional Validation for Multicore Architectures

During a processor development cycle, validation is performed on the first fabricated chip to detect and fix design errors. Design errors due to functional issues occur when a unit in a design does not meet its specification. Their chances of occurrence are high when new features are added in a processor. Therefore, the task of verifying the functionality independently and in coordination with other units increases for multicore architectures. Several new techniques are being proposed in the field of functional validation. In this paper, we undertake a survey of these techniques to identify areas that need to be addressed for multicore designs. We start with an analysis of design errors in two multicore architectures. We then survey different functional validation techniques based on hardware, software and formal methods and propose a comprehensive taxonomy for each of these approaches. We also perform a critical analysis to identify gaps in existing research and propose new research directions for validation of multicore architectures.

Non GPS Positioning Systems: A Survey

An enormous amount of research has been conducted in the area of positioning systems and thus it calls for a detailed literature review of recent localization systems. This paper focuses on recent developments of non-Global Positioning System (GPS) localization/positioning systems. We have presented a new hierarchical method to classify various positioning systems. A comprehensive performance comparison of the techniques and technologies against multiple performance metrics along with the limitations is presented. A few indoor positioning systems have emerged as more successful in particular application environments than others, which are presented at the end.

Toward Real-Time Ray Tracing: A Survey on Hardware Acceleration and Microarchitecture Techniques

Ray tracing has long been considered as the next generation technology for graphics rendering. Recent years witnessed a strong momentum to adopt the ray tracing based rendering techniques on consumer level platforms due to the inability of further enhancing user experience by increasing display resolution. On the other hand, the computing workload of ray tracing is still overwhelming. A 10-fold performance gap has to be narrowed for real-time applications, even on the latest graphics processing units (GPUs). As a result, hardware acceleration techniques are critical to deliver a satisfying level performance, while at the same time meet an acceptable power budget. A large body of research on ray tracing hardware has been proposed over the past decade. This paper is aimed to provide a timely survey on hardware techniques to accelerate the ray tracing algorithm. A quantitative profiling on the ray tracing workload is first presented. We then review hardware techniques for the main functional blocks in a ray tracing pipeline. On such a basis, the ray tracing microarchitectures for both ASIC and processors are surveyed by following a systematic taxonomy.

Systems Applications of Social Networks

The aim of this article is to provide an understanding of social networks as a useful addition to the standard tool-box of techniques used by system designers. To this end, we give examples of how data about social links have been collected and used in different application contexts. We develop a broad taxonomy-based overview of common properties of social networks, review how they might be used in different applications, and point out potential pitfalls where appropriate. We propose a framework, distinguishing between two main types of social network-based user selection  personalised user selection which identifies target users who may be relevant for a given source node, using the social network around the source as a context, and generic user selection or group delimitation, which filters for a set of users who satisfy a set of application requirements based on their social properties. Using this framework, we survey applications of social networks in three typical kinds of application scenarios: recommender systems, content-sharing systems (e.g., P2P or video streaming), and systems which defend against users who abuse the system (e.g., spam or sybil attacks). In each case, we discuss potential directions for future research that involve using social network properties.

Survey of Naturalistic Programming Technologies

Programming languages expressiveness is limited by paradigm because it is focused on solving abstraction problems without considering expressiveness of abstractions described using natural language. So, authors have developed tools for natural language software development. In this paper, many works consisting of tools that use some natural language level and domain-specific languages that have an expressiveness level similar to natural languages are reviewed. The goal of the paper is to present a review and highlight the problems that were solved and those left aside. Also, it addresses the fact that a naturalistic language based on a model is not reported.

Searching the Web of Things: State of the Art, Challenges and Solutions

Technological advances allow more physical objects to connect to the Internet and provide their services on the Web as resources. Search engines are the key to fully utilize this emerging Web of Things, as they bridge users and applications with resources needed for their operation. Developing these systems is challenging due to the diversity of Web of Things resources that they work with. Each combination of resources in query resolution process requires a different type of search engine with its own technical challenges and usage scenarios. This diversity complicates both the development of new systems and assessment of the state of the art. In this article, we present a systematic survey on Web of Things Search Engines (WoTSE), focusing on the diversity in forms of these systems. We collect and analyze over 200 related academic works to build a flexible conceptual model for WoTSE. We develop an analytical framework on this model to review the development of the field and its current status, reflected by 30 representative works in the area. We conclude our survey with a discussion on open issues to bridge the gap between the existing progress and an ideal WoTSE.

A Classification of Locality in Network Research

Locality of information is a major concern for the design of distributed algorithms. With the LOCAL model, theoretical research already established a common model of locality that has gained little practical relevance. As a result, practical research de facto lacks any common locality model. The only common denominator among practitioners is that a local algorithm is distributed with a limited scope of interaction. This paper closes the gap by introducing four practically motivated classes of locality that successively weaken the strict requirements of the LOCAL model. These classes are applied to categorize and to survey 32 local algorithms from nine different application domains. A detailed comparison shows the practicality of the classification and provides interesting insights. For example, the majority of algorithms limit the scope of interaction to at most two hops, independent of their locality class. Moreover, the application domain of algorithms tends to influence their degree of locality.

Probabilistic Complex Event Recognition: A Survey

Complex Event Recognition applications exhibit various types of uncertainty, ranging from incomplete and erroneous data streams to imperfect complex event patterns. We review Complex Event Recognition techniques that handle, to some extent, uncertainty. We examine techniques based on automata, probabilistic graphical models and first-order logic, which are the most common ones, and approaches based on Petri Nets and Grammars, which are less frequently used. A number of limitations are identified with respect to the employed languages, their probabilistic models and their performance, as compared to the purely deterministic cases. Based on those limitations, we highlight promising directions for future work.

Metrics for Community Analysis: A Survey

Detecting and analyzing dense groups or communities from social and information networks has attracted immense attention over last one decade due to its enormous applicability in different domains. Community detection is an ill-defined problem, as the nature of the communities is not known in advance. The problem has turned out to be even complicated due to the fact that communities emerge in the network in various forms - disjoint, overlapping, hierarchical etc. Various heuristics have been proposed depending upon the applications in hand. All these heuristics have been materialized in the form of new metrics, which in most cases are used as optimization functions for detecting the community structure, or provide an indication of the goodness of detected communities during evaluation. There arises a need for an organized and detailed survey of the metrics proposed with respect to community detection and evaluation. This paper presents a detailed discussion of the state-of-the-art metrics used for the detection and the evaluation of community structure. Finally, experiments are conducted on synthetic and real networks to present a comparative analysis of these metrics in measuring the goodness of the detected community structure.

A Survey of Algorithmic Debugging

Algorithmic debugging is a technique proposed in 1982 by E.Y. Shapiro in the context of logic programming. This survey shows how the initial ideas have been developed to become a widespread debugging schema fitting many different programming paradigms, and with applications out of the program debugging field. We describe the general framework and the main issues related to the implementations in different programming paradigms, and discuss several proposed improvements and optimizations. We also review the main algorithmic debugger tools that have been implemented so far and compare their features. From this comparison, we elaborate a summary of desirable characteristics that should be considered when implementing future algorithmic debuggers.

Automatic Software Repair: a Bibliography

This article presents an annotated bibliography on automatic software repair. Automatic software repair consists of automatically finding a solution to software bugs, without human intervention. The uniqueness of this article is that it spans the research communities that contribute to this body of knowledge: software engineering, dependability, operating systems, programming languages and security. Furthermore, it provides a novel and structured overview of the diversity of bug oracles and repair operators used in the literature.

A Survey of Dynamic Analysis and Test Generation for JavaScript

JavaScript has become one of the most prevalent programming languages. Unfortunately, some of the unique properties that contribute to this popularity also make JavaScript programs prone to errors and difficult for program analyses to reason about. These properties include the highly dynamic nature of the language, a set of unusual language features, a lack of encapsulation mechanisms, and the "no crash" philosophy. This paper surveys dynamic program analysis and test generation techniques for JavaScript targeted at improving the correctness, reliability, performance, security, and privacy of JavaScript-based software.

A Survey of Quantification Learning

The task of quantification consists in providing an aggregate estimation (e.g. the class distribution in a classification problem) for unseen test sets, applying a model that is trained using a training set with a different data distribution.} Several real-world applications demand this kind of methods that do not require predictions for individual examples and just focus on obtaining accurate estimates at an aggregate level. During the past few years, several quantification methods have been proposed from different perspectives and with different goals. This paper presents a unified review of the main approaches with the aim of serving as an introductory tutorial for newcomers in the field.

A Tutorial for Olfaction-based Multisensorial Media Application Design and Evaluation

Recently, multimedia researchers have added several so called new media to the traditional multimedia components (e.g. olfaction, haptic and gustation). The inclusion of such stimuli in addition to traditional media components is typically labeled as multiple sensorial media or mulsemedia. Capturing multimedia user perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) is already non-trivial and the addition of multiple sensorial media components increases this challenge. No standardized methodology exists to conduct subjective quality assessments of multiple sensorial media applications. To date researchers have employed different aspects of audiovisual standards to assess user QoE of multiple sensorial media applications and thus, a fragmented approach exists. In this paper, the authors highlight issues researchers face from numerous perspectives including applicability (or lack of) existing audio-visual standards to evaluate user QoE and lack of result comparability due to varying approaches, specific requirements of olfactory-based multiple sensorial media applications, and novelty associated with these applications. Finally, based on the diverse approaches in the literature and the collective experience of authors, this paper provides a tutorial and recommendations on the key steps to conduct olfactory-based multiple sensorial media QoE evaluation.

Modeling, Evaluation and Scale on Artificial Pedestrians: A Literature Review

Modeling pedestrian dynamics and their implementation in a computer are challenging and important issues in the knowledge areas of transportation and computer simulation. The aim of this paper is to provide a bibliographic outlook so that the reader could have a quick access to the most relevant works related with this problem. We have used three main axes to organise the paper contents: pedestrian models, validation techniques and multiscale approaches. The backbone of the paper is the classification of existing pedestrian models; we have organised the works in the literature under five categories, according to the techniques used for the operational level in each pedestrian model. Then, the main existing validation methods, oriented to evaluate the behavioural quality of the simulation systems, are reviewed. Furthermore, we review the key issues that arise when facing multiscale pedestrian modeling, where we firstly focus on the behavioural scale (combinations of micro and macro pedestrian models) and secondly, on the scale size (from individuals to crowds). Finally, the paper concludes with a discussion about the contributions that different knowledge fields can do in a near future to this exciting area.

A Functional Taxonomy of Music Generation Systems

Digital advances have transformed the face of automatic music generation since its beginnings at the dawn of computing. Despite the many breakthroughs, issues such as the musical tasks targeted by different machines and the degree to which they succeed remain open questions. We present a functional taxonomy for music generation systems with reference to existing systems according to the purposes for which they were designed. The taxonomy also reveals the inter-relatedness among the systems. This design-centred approach contrasts with predominant methods-based surveys, and facilitates the identification of grand challenges so as to set the stage for new breakthroughs.


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Andries van Dam ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award (1993)

First Name Last Name Paper Counts
Peter Denning 21
Adele Goldberg 18
William Dorn 9
Anthony Wasserman 8
Sparsh Mittal 7
Helen Ashman 6
Rachid Guerraoui 6
Andries Van Dam 6
Rajkumar Buyya 6
Peter Wegner 6
Jeffrey Vitter 5
Yannis Ioannidis 5
Jacques Cohen 5
Elliott Organick 5
Andrew Tanenbaum 5
Wendy Hall 4
Corrado Priami 4
Gonzalo Navarro 4
Albert Zomaya 4
James Fry 4
James Peterson 4
Pierpaolo Degano 4
Peter Lee 4
Rance Cleaveland 4
Fred Schneider 4
Jayadev Misra 4
Peter Wegner 4
Sameeullah Khan 4
Azriel Rosenfeld 4
Richard Muntz 4
Hanan Samet 4
Jens Palsberg 4
Narendra Ahuja 4
Brad Myers 4
Tamer Özsu 4
Gregory Andrews 4
Jeffrey Buzen 4
Luca Cardelli 4
Scott Smolka 4
Mohamed Fayad 4
Bruce Weide 3
Johnleslie King 3
Toby Teorey 3
Miroslaw Malek 3
David Schmidt 3
Robert Rosin 3
Charles Consel 3
Pankaj Agarwal 3
Nabil Adam 3
Abdullah Gani 3
Goetz Graefe 3
Ingrid Carlbom 3
Avi Silberschatz 3
David Lilja 3
Dick Bulterman 3
Leslie Carr 3
Michael Bieber 3
Robyn Kozierok 3
Mark Harman 3
Cristina Nita-Rotaru 3
Werner Retschitzegger 3
Alberto Pettorossi 3
Patrick Cousot 3
Chris Hankin 3
Thomas Dean 3
Jonathan Grudin 3
Maurizio Proietti 3
John Rice 3
John Stankovic 3
Michael, Loui 3
Azzedine Boukerche 3
Emil Lupu 3
Marvin Zelkowitz 3
Udo Pooch 3
Garth Gibson 3
Mahadevan Ganapathi 3
Jon Doyle 3
Raghu Ramakrishnan 3
Dirk Riehle 3
George Nagy 3
Alexander Thomasian 3
Laurie Damianos 3
Zimu Zhou 3
Sundaraja Iyengar 3
Carlo Furia 3
Henry Ledgard 3
Hanne Nielson 3
Flemming Nielson 3
Roberto Tamassia 3
Randy Katz 3
Frank Manola 3
Jacques Noyé 3
Ben Shneiderman 3
Isabel Cruz 3
Joseph Pasquale 3
Roberto Gorrieri 3
David De Roure 3
Michael Marcotty 3
Umesh Bellur 2
Carl Gunter 2
Arun Ross 2
Victor Lesser 2
Douglas Comer 2
Clement Yu 2
Aristides Requicha 2
Zvi Galil* 2
David Maier 2
Guillaume Pierre 2
Pieter Hartel 2
William Stallings 2
Jan Heering 2
Carlo Batini 2
Renaud Marlet 2
Nic Volanschi 2
Philip YU 2
Michael Leuschel 2
Henry Korth 2
Ephraim Glinert 2
Tiziana Margaria 2
Philippe Codognet 2
Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela 2
Mary Rosson 2
Betty Salzberg 2
Ouri Wolfson 2
Dino Mandrioli 2
Martha Larson 2
Sigmund Gorski 2
Peter Larsen 2
Patricia Lago 2
CÉcile Paris 2
Robbert Van Renesse 2
Marjan Mernik 2
Mark Truran 2
David Kotz 2
Zhiwen Yu 2
Thierry Lecroq 2
Hector Levesque 2
Claudio Carpineto 2
Richard Bird 2
Giuseppe Italiano 2
Mohammed Bennamoun 2
Jim Woodcock 2
Jim Kurose 2
Antônio Loureiro 2
Michael Hanus 2
Fred Maryanski 2
Edward Reingold 2
John Hatcliff 2
William Wulf 2
Charles Fischer 2
Chittoor Ramamoorthy 2
Allen Tucker 2
Jeffrey Ullman 2
Eduardo Hruschka 2
Robert Sedgewick 2
Angelo Morzenti 2
Lynette Hirschman 2
Edgar Sibley 2
Niki Pissinou 2
John Fitzgerald 2
Abdelhamid Bouchachia 2
Frederick Lochovsky 2
Won Kim 2
Wolfgang Klas 2
Lester Lipsky 2
Thomas Moran 2
Paul Hudak 2
Pascal Felber 2
Subrata Dasgupta 2
John Gallagher 2
Lawrence Dowdy 2
Derrell Foster 2
Subhash Suri 2
James Michener 2
Robert Harper 2
Joseph Sifakis 2
Howard Wactlar 2
Douglas Schmidt 2
Francis Sullivan 2
Charles Hoare 2
Steve Bryson 2
Bernhard Steffen 2
Ugo Montanari 2
Vijay Saraswat 2
João Gama 2
Juris Hartmanis 2
Kevin Mills 2
Leon Osterweil 2
Lionel Ni 2
Nathan Goodman 2
Fabrício Enembreck 2
Brian Davison 2
Sungho Kang 2
Zhiqiang Lin 2
Thomas Dietterich 2
Yonathan Bard 2
Alistair Moffat 2
Klara Nahrstedt 2
Gary Leavens 2
Kenneth Kraemer 2
Ricardo Baeza-Yates 2
Cinzia Cappiello 2
Walter Kohler 2
Luke Hornof 2
Dana Angluin 2
Leon Presser 2
Norman Meyrowitz 2
H Li 2
James Foley 2
Malvin Kalos 2
Wayne Citrin 2
Faron Moller 2
Pierre Wolper 2
Robert Jacob 2
James Hollan 2
Theodor Nelson 2
Harri Oinas-Kukkonen 2
Gustavo Rossi 2
Katia Sycara 2
Sajjad Madani 2
William Enck 2
Trevor Mudge 2
Fatima Nunes 2
John Derrick 2
Andreas Bulling 2
Tom Van Cutsem 2
Andrzej Jajszczyk 2
Michael Franz 2
Raymond Yeh 2
Christos Faloutsos 2
Axel Jantsch 2
Alexander Gluhak 2
Sivan Toledo 2
Andrew Newell 2
Justin Zobel 2
Giovanni Romano 2
Natarajan Shankar 2
Bruce Leverett 2
Eduardofreire Nakamura 2
Olivier Danvy 2
Alan Feuer 2
Dennis Volpano 2
Julia Lawall 2
Matthias Jarke 2
Barbara Ryder 2
Sushil Jajodia 2
George Cybenko 2
Mehmet Akşit 2
John Wilkes 2
Pascal Van Hentenryck 2
Yale Patt 2
Quan Sheng 2
Andy Cockburn 2
Albert Bifet 2
Chunyan Miao 2
Sarvnaz Karimi 2
Kotagiri Ramamohanarao 2
Jean Hubaux 2
Levente Buttyán 2
Maxime Crochemore 2
John Roddick 2
Ronald Brachman 2
Michael Wellman 2
Gary Sockut 2
Patrick Hall 2
Siba Mohanty 2
Frank Piessens 2
Narain Gehani 2
Donald Knuth 2
Ann Fitzsimmons 2
Tom Love 2
Erik Sandewall 2
Krithi Ramamritham 2
Dale Miller 2
Edmund Clarke 2
Jeannette Wing 2
Kim Bruce 2
Fabio Vitali 2
Ivona Brandić 2
Daniel Schwabe 2
Jeffrey Kurtz 2
Charu Aggarwal 2
Anne Kermarrec 2
James Stanier 2
Francky Catthoor 2
William Smyth 2
Hans Gellersen 2
Shishir Nagaraja 2
Cornelia Fermüller 2
Catherine McGeoch 2
George Lueker 2
Jonathan Walpole 2
James Church 2
Robert Sproull 2
Asuman Dogac 2
Rosemary Simpson 2
Abraham Silberschatz 2
C Hoare 2
Daniel Le Métayer 2
Philip Treleaven 2
Richard Millar 2
Alan Burns 2
Scott Thibault 2
Laura Lafave 2
Lori Clarke 2
Karl Lieberherr 2
David Brailsford 2
Stephen Taylor 2
Kevin Martin 2
Fabio Crestani 2
Davide Brugali 2
Brian Randell 2
Peter Triantafillou 2
Jochen Huber 2
Hafedh Mili 2
Matteo Rossi 2
Alípio Jorge 2
Boualem Benatallah 2
Giuseppe Anastasi 2
Elisha Sacks 2
Ronald Loui 2
Simon Kasif 2
Andrew Turpin 2
Jörg Rothe 2
Dennis Severance 2
Jürg Nievergelt 2
Joseph Paciorek 2
Bruce Schachter 2
David Embley 2
Maarten Van Steen 2
Benjamin Bustos 2
Daniel Keim 2
Philip Wadler 2
William Kent 2
Kevin Crowston 2
André Schiper 2
Gerti Kappel 2
Eduardo Miranda 2
Gilles Muller 2
Richard Snodgrass 2
Carl Landwehr 2
John Hennessy 2
Ahmed Elmagarmid 2
John Mitchell 2
Alexander Brodsky 2
Kenneth Neves 2
Tiziana Catarci 2
Michael Mannino 2
Serge Demeyer 2
Philip Bernstein 2
Sitharama Iyengar 2
Inderveer Chana 2
Thomas Schneider 1
Jasper Van De Ven 1
Riccardo Focardi 1
Eric Meyer 1
Marika Lüders 1
Imed Romdhani 1
Nina Amla 1
Yexi Jiang 1
Wei Xue 1
Eftychia Fotiadou 1
Nikos Nikolaidis 1
Deniz Altinbüken 1
Christian Herdin 1
Adrien Maglo 1
Guillaume Lavoué 1
Florent Dupont 1
Céline Hudelot 1
Santonu Sarkar 1
Mohamed Sabry 1
David Atienza 1
Jonathan Bowen 1
Gordon Pace 1
Richard Gilbert 1
Mário Freire 1
Matej Črepinšek 1
Giuseppe Battista 1
Carlos Soares 1
German Tischler 1
Munina Yusufu 1
Davide Zanetti 1
Glenn Hawe 1
Duncan Wilson 1
Florian Daniel 1
Gildas Avoine 1
Louis Demay 1
Karin Hummel 1
Kashifnizam Khan 1
Mohammed Feham 1
Simone Brienza 1
Öznur Özkasap 1
Quanghieu Vu 1
Samuel Kounev 1
Bryan Payne 1
Guozhu Meng 1
Raouf Boutaba 1
Awais Rashid 1
Venkat Devarajan 1
Edward Bender 1
Sriram Sankar 1
Chiara Francalanci 1
Inmaculada Aleman 1
Robert Davis 1
R Dybvig 1
David Basin 1
Andrei Klimov 1
Geoffrey Smith 1
Frank Pfenning 1
Muhammad Nanda 1
Felix Gärtner 1
Óscar Díaz 1
Brian Kernighan 1
Peter Brown 1
Jonathan Millen 1
Volker Gaede 1
Carl Smith 1
Christopher Fraser 1
James Larson 1
Gomer Thomas 1
J Farrar 1
Yuri Leontiev 1
Weekeong Ng 1
Ming Lin 1
Jeff Erickson 1
Christian Jensen 1
Matthew Edman 1
Edward Schrems 1
Evaggelia Pitoura 1
Debra Lelewer 1
Jan Groote 1
Owen Astrachan 1
Yoav Shoham 1
W Maurer 1
David Landskov 1
Bruce Shriver 1
Richard Frost 1
David Garlan 1
Ron Cytron 1
John Stasko 1
Faith Fich 1
Barbara Grosz 1
Reinhard Wilhelm 1
Martin Radetzki 1
Christopher Leckie 1
David Kingsbury 1
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann 1
Howard Siegel 1
Raimund Ege 1
Doug Burger 1
Karen Kukich 1
Herbert Freeman 1
Michal Szymaniak 1
Maurizio Lenzerini 1
Shamkant Navathe 1
Nancy Leveson 1
Peter Freeman 1
Vijay Gurbaxani 1
Koen Simoens 1
Éric Lecolinet 1
Daniel Servos 1
Marco Aiello 1
Chii Chang 1
Jean Favreau 1
Miodrag Potkonjak 1
David Payton 1
Jeff Sutherland 1
Catherine McCollum 1
Steven German 1
Bart Selman 1
Thomas Conte 1
David Wood 1
Scott Hauck 1
Costas Vassilakis 1
Wayne Luk 1
Alan Bull 1
Patricia Beatty 1
J Aggarwal 1
Karsten Weihe 1
Ayman Fayoumi 1
Sibel Yenikaya 1
Aluízio Araújo 1
Renata Rego 1
I MacCallum 1
Richard Borie 1
Michel Van Eeten 1
Micha Sharir 1
Gil Hansen 1
Angela Schuett 1
Suchitra Raman 1
TeckLee Tung 1
Andrew Swan 1
Randall Frank 1
Ritendra Datta 1
Jia Li 1
Francis Quek 1
Neil Jones 1
Joseph Gallian 1
Antero Taivalsaari 1
P Krishna 1
Anne Liret 1
François Pachet 1
José Troya 1
Paniti Netinant 1
Atef Bader 1
David Hamu 1
Kai Koskimies 1
Weizhong Shao 1
Stefan Rausch-Schott 1
Koen De Hondt 1
Ling Liu 1
Huadong Dai 1
Liang Hu 1
Xilong Che 1
Ihsam Lami 1
Mikel Luján 1
Niall Murray 1
Gabriel Muntean 1
Shamik Sural 1
Kenneth Radke 1
Pol Arias 1
Roswitha Gostner 1
Melissa Morine 1
Carl Gutwin 1
Sylvain Malacria 1
Xiaowei Zhou 1
Bixin Li 1
Willem Jonker 1
Adam Jatowt 1
Anna Roubickova 1
Markus Stumptner 1
Dejan Milo&jacute;icic 1
Marcos Assunção 1
Mary Harrison 1
Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat 1
Guoliang Li 1
Steven Hoi 1
Bingdong Li 1
Luca Console 1
George Dodd 1
Margaret Atkins 1
Johnny Wong 1
Alfred Dale 1
David Alberts 1
Alicia Ageno 1
Jordi Turmo 1
David Hsaio 1
Wenyi Zhao 1
Gábor Erdélyi 1
Henrik Pilegaard 1
Yimin Wang 1
Prashant Shenoy 1
James Baker 1
Qing Li 1
Linda Kieffer 1
Mario Gonzalez 1
David Redmiles 1
Carlos Chesñevar 1
Christine Tomlinson 1
T Dolotta 1
Changhai Nie 1
Fatiha Zaïdi 1
Arantza Illarramendi 1
Ishfaq Ahmad 1
Phillip Conrad 1
Paul Amer 1
John Quarterman 1
Weiyi Meng 1
Tanusree Pai 1
William Tolone 1
Gailjoon Ahn 1
Yasushi Saito 1
Marc Shapiro 1
Elisabeth André 1
Mischa Schwartz 1
Dejan Vranić 1
Henri Bal 1
Paolo Ciancarini 1
David Gilbert 1
Avi Wigderson 1
Eugene Freuder 1
Hans Schek 1
Scot Drysdale 1
Gary Strong 1
Samuel Kamin 1
Paul Green 1
Julie McCann 1
Alice Miller 1
Howard Hamilton 1
Jeff Ruilifson 1
Wensyan Li 1
Hugh Davis 1
Silvia Biasotti 1
Laura Papaleo 1
Sylvain Petitjean 1
Luca Mottola 1
Andrew Ko 1
Ian Reay 1
Scott Dick 1
Maurice Wilkes 1
Russell Greiner 1
Paicheng Chu 1
Damian Tamburri 1
Jian Yu 1
Veli Mäkinen 1
Christopher Bishop 1
Kevin Rudd 1
Frank Lewis 1
S Sudarshan 1
David Ebert 1
Ivan Sutherland 1
Thomas Parsons 1
Scott Lewandowski 1
Amy Karlson 1
Yi Yao 1
Jianying Zhou 1
Laszlo Belady 1
Murray Campbell 1
Jean Rivest 1
Theo Ungerer 1
Danny De Cock 1
Rosli Salleh 1
Sylvia Osborn 1
Noura Aljeri 1
Shouhuai Xu 1
Stephen Schach 1
Balaji Raghavachari 1
Charles McDowell 1
Bruce Abramson 1
Craig Thompson 1
Yihong Gong 1
Elan Amir 1
William, Rouse 1
Richard Mayer 1
A Shankar 1
Michael Norman 1
Vassilis Tsotras 1
Dertsai Lee 1
Jürgen Ziegler 1
Derrick Kourie 1
Michael Christel 1
Phyllis Reisner 1
Andrea Valerio 1
Elizabeth Kendall 1
Pierre Roy 1
Alberto Coen-Porisini 1
Dirk Bäumer 1
Wolfgang Pree 1
Geoff Staples 1
Howard Hoover 1
James Richardson 1
Kai Matzel 1
Raman Kannan 1
Patrick Steyaert 1
Seyed Hoseinitabatabaei 1
Michele Nati 1
Jinzhu Kong 1
Flávia Delicato 1
Paulo Pires 1
Juan Caballero 1
Azzedine Boukerche 1
Kayhan Ghafoor 1
Marco Crocco 1
Yuansong Qiao 1
Ramesh Rayudu 1
Aron Laszka 1
Francesco Calabrese 1
Jose Caceres-Cruz 1
Christoph Bösch 1
Hans Hüttel 1
Emilio Tuosto 1
Marco Carbone 1
Luca Padovani 1
Marko Vukolić 1
Linnyer Ruiz 1
Eduardo Cerqueira 1
Wenjun Jiang 1
Kashif Bilal 1
Attaur Khan 1
Muhammad Shiraz 1
Durgesh Samant 1
Jamshaid Malik 1
Daniel Silva 1
Jason Gionta 1
Xiaohui Gu 1
Jude Ambrose 1
Milo Tomašević 1
Olabode Anise 1
Robert Glück 1
Graem Ringwood 1
Ahmed Sameh 1
Craig Knoblock 1
Joanne Treurniet 1
Peipei Wang 1
Rodrigo Steiner 1
Hing Fung 1
Stephen Yau 1
Jean Barddal 1
Spiros Nikolopoulos 1
Mohamed Gaber 1
Cuong Do 1
Erik Blasch 1
Rafaqut Kazmi 1
Lester Heitger 1
Michael Blasgen 1
Heinz Bender 1
Lee Erman 1
Kangjie Lu 1
Yeongjin Jang 1
Dimitrios Kalogeras 1
Konstantinos Margaritis 1
Christoph Kofler 1
Partha Goswami 1
Ricardo Pedro 1
Karoline Malmkjær 1
Carol Terry 1
Paolo Santi 1
Dror Rawitz 1
Stephanos Androutsellis-Theotokis 1
Errata 1
John May 1
Hong Zhu 1
Roger Chin 1
Samuel Chanson 1
Fernando Navarro 1
Matthew Parris 1
Theodoor Scholte 1
Dawid Weiss 1
Daniel Hirschberg 1
Bern Martens 1
Danny De Schreye 1
Matthew Dwyer 1
Niklaus Wirth 1
J Yohe 1
Herbert Steinberg 1
John Kollias 1
Helmuth Partsch 1
Priti Mishra 1
Jules Desharnais 1
Frank Matthijs 1
Dinesh Pai 1
Ronald Srodawa 1
Richard Bergeron 1
Dirk Grunwald 1
Ian Horswill 1
David Skillicorn 1
Domenico Talia 1
David Zage 1
Bruce Pennycook 1
Mubarak Shah 1
Wenhann Wang 1
Prasad Sistla 1
Kent Wittenburg 1
Fernando Pereira 1
William Swartout 1
Manuel Hermenegildo 1
Doron Peled 1
John Rushby 1
Dan Olsen 1
Peri Tarr 1
Rina Dechter 1
Eric Roberts 1
Kohei Honda 1
Stefano Lonardi 1
Antonio Restivo 1
Markus Huebscher 1
Mark Bernstein 1
Robert Cailliau 1
Paul De Bra 1
Bianca Falcidieno 1
Patrizio Frosini 1
Susan Graham 1
Oliver Sharp 1
Nikolaos Kotsis 1
Anton Dahbura 1
Clémence Magnien 1
Steffen Van Bakel 1
Luiz Albini 1
Hans Van Vliet 1
Jonathan Silva 1
Susan Regli 1
Jim Johnson 1
Thomas Cormen 1
Mehmet Dincbas 1
Catuscia Palamidessi 1
Valeria Cardellini 1
Michele Colajanni 1
Gokhan Yenikaya 1
Ekrem Duven 1
R Parker 1
Junbeom Hur 1
Sean Colbath 1
Daniel Cunliffe 1
Sougata Mukherjea 1
Roland Chin 1
Steven Reiss 1
Samir Khuller 1
John Cleary 1
Carol Brown 1
Richard Baskerville 1
Thomas Ellman 1
Thomas Bannon 1
Jean Scholtz 1
Samuel Bayer 1
Ivan Marsic 1
Sankar Virdhagriswaran 1
Jonathan Rees 1
Jin Jing 1
Rajeev Motwani 1
Prabhakar Raghavan 1
Dhiraj Joshi 1
Randolph Nelson 1
Peter Molin 1
James Carey 1
Paolo Predonzani 1
Chirag Pathak 1
Greg Butler 1
Rudolf Keller 1
Jurgen Buchner 1
Sushil Birla 1
Carola Lilienthal 1
Margaret Ross 1
Yingwu Wang 1
Paul Sorenson 1
Peter Whelan 1
Dietmar Jannach 1
S Iyengar 1
Yue Shi 1
Pedro Larrañaga 1
Songnian Zhou 1
Elvis Liu 1
Mykola Pechenizkiy 1
Jun Tang 1
Qi Li 1
Sridha Sridharan 1
Md Bhuiyan 1
Shuching Chen 1
Mustapha Bagiwa 1
Ilia Pietri 1
Miguel Abreu 1
Bruno Andrade 1
Jiliang Tang 1
Mateus Ribeiro 1
Roman Trobec 1
Gabriel Dias 1
Byron Wright 1
Rahul Bobhate 1
Johann Brault-Baron 1
Jamescornelius King 1
Victor Voydock 1
Tseyun Feng 1
Rukhsana Ruby 1
Chrisina Jayne 1
Lene Favrholdt 1
Jesper Mikkelsen 1
Nguyen Tran 1
Radziah Mohamad 1
Imran Ghani 1
Ali Yadollahi 1
W Adrion 1
M Reid 1
Jiang Xiao 1
Sangho Lee 1
Mingwei Shih 1
Ruggero Labati 1
Enrique Muñoz 1
Gaurav Jaswal 1
Shadi Khalifa 1
Kiran Sundaravarathan 1
Rebekka Renner 1
Gang Pan 1
Ádám Csapó 1
Wojciech Mazurczyk 1
Israel Herraiz 1
Yunji Chen 1
Ling Li 1
Mingming Guo 1
Rodolfo Pellizzoni 1
Sibel Adalı 1
Aqsa Naeem 1
Jim Woodcock 1
Giovani Gracioli 1
Joaquim Jorge 1
Brian Wyvill 1
Wei Huang 1
Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis 1
Fahimeh Moghaddam 1
Paola Grosso 1
Vrizlynn Thing 1
Jinu Kurian 1
Kamil Sarac 1
Yannis Theodoridis 1
Laurence Tratt 1
Viktor Fischer 1
Pedro García-Teodoro 1
Ian Wakeman 1
Jierui Xie 1
Boleslaw Szymanski 1
Hengtao Shen 1
Marlon Dumas 1
Amparo Soler-Domínguez 1
Ting Su 1
Marwa Salayma 1
Lianhua Chi 1
Santonu Sarkar 1
Muhammad Chaudhry 1
Atif Manzoor 1
Giuseppe Desolda 1
Chenshu Wu 1
Dimitrios Vergados 1
Sebastian Zander 1
Georgia Psychou 1
Paul Krause 1
Anthony Simons 1
Jeremy Dick 1
Marian Gheorghe 1
André De Carvalho 1
Kyriakos Kritikos 1
Marco Comuzzi 1
Michael Parkin 1
Hui Wang 1
Xueqian Zhao 1
Johann Van Der Merwe 1
Stephen McDonald 1
Stefano Ceri 1
Thomas Doeppner 1
John Antonio 1
Andrea Lapaugh 1
John White 1
Benjamin Bederson 1
Tony Marsland 1
William Scott 1
Marko Van Eekelen 1
Paul Martin 1
Juan Cubero 1
Peratham Wiriyathammabhum 1
Douglas Summers-Stay 1
Geoffrey Wenger 1
Mudumbai Ranganathan 1
Jos Baeten 1
Lui Sha 1
Ross Wilkinson 1
George Lepouras 1
Eugenia Giannopoulou 1
David Thomas 1
John McDermott 1
Craig Tovey 1
Eduardo Cruz 1
John Makhoul 1
Uffe Wiil 1
John Leggett 1
Douglas Tudhope 1
Adib Zarea-Aliabadi 1
Charles Dyer 1
Roel Wieringa 1
Wolfgang Dzida 1
Simon Kaplan 1
Steven McCanne 1
Todd Hodes 1
Tina Wong 1
Jaideep Srivastava 1
Ralf Dörner 1
Yi Ren 1
Qingbo Wu 1
Edans Sandes 1
Halgurd Maghdid 1
Marco Cristani 1
Andrea Trucco 1
Brent Mittelstadt 1
Daniel Guimarans 1
Shunhui Ji 1
Alex Ryker 1
Emanuela Marasco 1
Omar Emam 1
Yijun Yu 1
Sven Apel 1
Adel Toosi 1
Rodrigo Calheiros 1
Wolfgang Polak 1
Martin Hirzel 1
Robert Grimm 1
Héctor Pérez 1
Robert Mitchell 1
Ingray Chen 1
Hugo Vieira 1
Ivan Lanese 1
Pierre Deniélou 1
Ovidiu Dan 1
Thais Silva 1
Cees Snoek 1
Alberto Del Bimbo 1
Pedro Abreu 1
Miriam Santos 1
Adwait Nadkarni 1
Juan Tapiador 1
Nolen Scaife 1
Patrick Traynor 1
Saleh Abdullahi 1
Jurgen Koch 1
Hervé Gallaire 1
Hanjiang Luo 1
Heitor Gomes 1
Eyad Elyan 1
Choongseon Hong 1
Soumya Sen 1
Jesús González-Barahona 1
Bogdan Carbunar 1
Claus Nielsen 1
Tim Weninger 1
Jürgen Steimle 1
Jones Granatyr 1
Jinhee Cho 1
Jan Peleska 1
Daniel Lopes 1
Pauline Jepp 1
Hamid Talebian 1
Fernando Diaz 1
Darell Tan 1
Astrid Rheinländer 1
Ulf Leser 1
Guy Tremblay 1
Ghizlane El Boussaidi 1
Stefano Spaccapietra 1
Gennady Andrienko 1
Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis 1
Kelly Androutsopoulos 1
Joan Marquès 1
Josep Jorba 1
Lubos Gaspar 1
Guy Gogniat 1
Arnaud Hubaux 1
Theinthan Tun 1
Gabriel Maciá-FernáNdez 1
Stephen Naicken 1
Rajshekar Kalayappan 1
Levi Shaul 1
Zi Huang 1
Hongyun Cai 1
Arnab Biswas 1
Muhammad Garba 1
Christoph Busch 1
Sayantan Nath 1
Sonali Agarwal 1
Taha Yasseri 1
Youssef Nasser 1
Scott Carr 1
Yimin Yang 1
Mirco Musolesi 1
Olga Zoidi 1
Beau Sheil 1
Peter Thanisch 1
Cemil Kirbas 1
Garry Froehlich 1
Thomas Groß 1
Mohamed Fayed 1
Qi Zhang 1
Claudio De Farias 1
Brian Lee 1
Job Timmermans 1
Winston Seah 1
Daniel Obenshain 1
Márk Félegyházi 1
Nachikethas Jagadeesan 1
Vincent Blondel 1
Daniel Riera 1
Joey Scarr 1
Hongyu Zhao 1
Geoffray Bonnin 1
Holger Claussen 1
Ricardo Campos 1
Felix Siegle 1
Alan Hanjalic 1
Concha Bielza 1
Thomas Winkler 1
Thomas Thüm 1
Giuseppe Lo Re 1
Eleanor Rieffel 1
Scott Schneider 1
Anne Orgerie 1
Georgios Theodoropoulos 1
Vasco Vasconcelos 1
Kui Ren 1
Jiangchuan Liu 1
Johannes Kinder 1
Clinton Fookes 1
Dada Gbenga 1
Xirong Li 1
Lamberto Ballan 1
Samira Pouyanfar 1
Xiang Zuo 1
Benjamin Andow 1
Robert Bridges 1
Roshan Ragel 1
Sri Parameswaran 1
Charles Kamhoua 1
Mohamed Kafi 1
Nadjib Badache 1
Sharad Wagle 1
Douglas Dunlop 1
William Howden 1
Michel, Dubois 1
Roy Levin 1
James Donahue 1
Chakkuen Wong 1
Frederick Hayes-Roth 1
Stanley Dunn 1
Étienne Rivière 1
Meng Xu 1
Gianluca Sforza 1
Ian Goldberg 1
Patrick Martin 1
Francisco Ariza López 1
Peter Gammie 1
Sangtae Ha 1
Davide Baltieri 1
Ryan McCune 1
Antônio Fröhlich 1
Jeroen Delvaux 1
Muhammad Pasha 1
Afshar Ganjali 1
Andrzej Kamisiński 1
Raj Gaire 1
Zhihui Zhan 1
Geongsen Poh 1
Guitta Jaoude 1
Pietro Guzzi 1
Pierangelo Veltri 1
Maria Damiani 1
Andoni Carreton 1
Michael Grand 1
Patrick Heymans 1
Erik Saule 1
Dipak Ghosal 1
Jaehee Lee 1
Weikai Miao 1
Geguang Pu 1
Paul Walland 1
Asbjørn Følstad 1
Xu Wang 1
Dimitrios Vergados 1
Geetika Goel 1
Tobias Noll 1
Hussein Zedan 1
Roberto Navigli 1
Tamer Bacsar 1
Xavier Gréhant 1
Sverre Jarp 1
Gábor Pék 1
João Gomes 1
Omer Zilberberg 1
Wei Zang 1
Sonia Chiasson 1
Bingbing Ni 1
Mohammed Bennamoun 1
Vincent Wade 1
José Merseguer 1
Luisa Massari 1
Sukhpal Singh 1
Elaheh Momeni 1
Guenter Haring 1
Roberto Natella 1
Andrea Roli 1
Sandro Rafaeli 1
Rudolf Ferenć 1
Muhammad Naveed 1
Gbadebo Ayoade 1
Marco Hudelist 1
Stefan Mitsch 1
Bin Guo 1
Matthew Edwards 1
Sherali Zeadally 1
Mika Ylianttila 1
Marta Costa-Jussà 1
Juan García 1
Sergey Velder 1
Ke Tang 1
Sabri Mahmoud 1
Ibrahim Venkat 1
Erik Elmroth 1
ZoltánÁdám Mann 1
Bengchin Ooi 1
Yiannis Aloimonos 1
Lance Hoffman 1
Henrique Lederman 1
Hyungjun Cho 1
Changwook Lee 1
Veljko Milutinović 1
Boris Bellalta 1
Kevin Butler 1
Raymond Cho 1
Sharique Hussain 1
Hamza Karachiwala 1
Klaus Löhr 1
Gregor Bochmann 1
Iffat Kazi 1
Howard Chen 1
Yuan Xue 1
Rui Shu 1
David Notkin 1
Stephen Kent 1
Ioannis Kompatsiaris 1
Kim Larsen 1
Amit Singh 1
Shaolei Ren 1
Osmar Zaïane, 1
Uwe Zdun 1
James Hansen 1
Joost Verhofstad 1
Jim Gray 1
Martha Branstad 1
Robert Glass 1
Michał Walicki 1
Henry and Gregor 1
Uday Khedker 1
Ruian Duan 1
Paula Branco 1
Vincenzo Piuri 1
Fabio Scotti 1
Ravinder Nath 1
Fahim Imam 1
Emerson Xavier 1
Orlando Pereira 1
Carlee Joe-Wong 1
Mung Chiang 1
Qi Guo 1
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik 1
Sebastian Zanlongo 1
Eduardo Velloso 1
Xavier Masip-Bruin 1
Xingquan Zhu 1
Nathan Burow 1
Joseph Nash 1
Anne Benoit 1
Li Zheng 1
Hsinyu Ha 1
Sidney D'mello 1
Éric Tanter 1
Ioannis Pitas 1
Aggeliki Sgora 1
Rajeshwari Ganesan 1
Gerald Lüttgen 1
Leon Wald 1
Kenneth Thurber 1
Deepayan Chakrabarti 1
Seyed Hoseini-Tabatabaei 1
Rahim Tafazolli 1
Manuela Pereira 1
Yolande Berbers 1
Artur Ziviani 1
Massimo Rimondini 1
Antonio Corradi 1
Tim Brailsford 1
Sergey Blagodurov 1
Alexandra Fedorova 1
Manuel Prieto 1
S Raja 1
Anisa Al-Hafeedh 1
Philippe Teuwen 1
Andrea Hess 1
Daniele Sgandurra 1
Sandeep Shukla 1
Rami Bahsoon 1
Erick Bauman 1
Paul Rayson 1
Jukka Suomela 1
Sunil Vadera 1
Marco Attene 1
Leif Kobbelt 1
Andries Engelbrecht 1
Rance Cleaveland 1
Tao Mei 1
Raj Reddy 1
Jinlong Li 1
Carl Mooney 1
Diklun Lee 1
Dorothy Denning 1
Abraham Lempel 1
Jon Bentley 1
Herbert Bright 1
Gustavus Simmons 1
Gerald Popek 1
Dina Bitton 1
Palash Sarkar 1
Utz Westermann 1
P Phillips 1
Wangmeng Zuo 1
Jordi Petit 1
Walid Aref 1
Ibrahim Kamel 1
Liusheng Huang 1
Menachem Jona 1
Roger Schank 1
Raymond Greenlaw 1
Calton Pu 1
David Hilbert 1
Alessandro Margara 1
Reinhard Keil 1
Vasanth Venkatachalam 1
Hideaki Takagi 1
H Smith 1
Zhou Lei 1
Felix Salfner 1
Yukwong Kwok 1
Al Nieder 1
Eric Timmreck 1
Per Hansen 1
Ahmed Kamal 1
Pinaki Mazumder 1
Devika Subramanian 1
Rosalind Picard 1
Mark Klein 1
Paul Besl 1
Patrick Eugster 1
Jean Andreoli 1
Andrew Wright 1
David Reed 1
Michael Brady 1
Julio Torelli 1
Ad Van De Goor 1
David Goldberg 1
Dominik Schmidt 1
Jean Barthès 1
Brijesh Dongol 1
Kevin Chan 1
Dawu Gu 1
Bruno De AraúJo 1
Adnan Akhunzada 1
Sufatrio 1
Henry Chung 1
Yun Li 1
Éric Lefebvre 1
David Lie 1
José Macêdo 1
Engineer Bainomugisha 1
Stijn Mostinckx 1
Andrew West 1
Xavier Vilajosana 1
Lilian Bossuet 1
Rafael Rodríguez-Gómez 1
Rabih Bashroush 1
Rick Rabiser 1
Frank Dylla 1
André Van Delden 1
Ke Wu 1
Stefan Brunthaler 1
Yue Huang 1
Ümit Çatalyürek 1
Jifeng He 1
Tao Li 1
Ning Xie 1
Wubai Zhou 1
Jacqueline Kory 1
Nidhi Tiwari 1
JongWon Kim 1
Paolo Buono 1
Maria Costabile 1
Veljko Pejovic 1
Tom Dinkelaker 1
Yunhao Liu 1
Steffen Wendzel 1
Antonis Papanikolaou 1
Dimitrios Soudris 1
Sergiy Vilkomir 1
Joaquím Salví 1
Alicia Iriberri 1
Bisan Alsalibi 1
Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye 1
Richard Korf 1
Daniele Dupré 1
Anthony Cohn 1
Reese Jones 1
Charles Krueger 1
Anthony Waserman 1
Theo Härder 1
Andreas Reuter 1
Philippe Wilde 1
Gordon Graham 1
K Chandy 1
Charles Sauer 1
Yan Liu 1
Gail Kaiser 1
Michael Quinn 1
Raif Onvural 1
Sharon Flank 1
Kevin Skadron 1
Matthew Parkinson 1
J Couger 1
Doron Cohen 1
Pimwadee Chaovalit 1
George Karabatis 1
Eduardo Mena 1
Yildiray Kabak 1
Steven Vanderwiel 1
Kinglup Liu 1
Gregory Chockler 1
James Frew 1
Daniela Rus 1
Felix Freiling 1
Roberto Giacobazzi 1
Gopal Gupta 1
Ehud Shapiro 1
Eliezer Levy 1
William Robinson 1
Suresh Jagannathan 1
Peter Popov 1
Bev Littlewood 1
Caitlin Kelleher 1
Randy Pausch 1
Eran Gal 1
Gideon Frieder 1
Balakrishna Iyer 1
Sergio Damas 1
Ferdous Sohel 1
Siome Goldenstein 1
Andrea Wiggins 1
Pedro Antunes 1
Manuel Egele 1
Engin Kirda 1
Godwin Caruana 1
Kalle Lyytinen 1
Remo Pareschi 1
Rob Kling 1
Dale Skeen 1
Benjamin Fung 1
Tiejun Huang 1
Michael Hatzopoulos 1
John Gordon 1
Curtis Abbott 1
Gareth Loy 1
Paul Knueven 1
Bennet Lientz 1
Nick Roussopoulos 1
Witold Litwin 1
Andrew Hanson 1
Paul Minton 1
Richard Waldinger 1
Ted Lewis 1
Duane Szafron 1
Byron Stutzman 1
Richard Rasala 1
David Kurlander 1
Andre Van Tilborg 1
Rich Wolski 1
William Scherlis 1
Jeffrey Vitter 1
Paul Van Oorschot 1
Patrick Mallett 1
H Hartson 1
Panagiotis Metaxas 1
Jack Mills 1
Robert Grossman 1
James Coplien 1
Robert Paige 1
Ioannis Tollis 1
Robert Yung 1
Nathan Brown 1
Theodore Linden 1
Matteo Pradella 1
George Anderson 1
Srikumar Venugopal 1
Tansu Alpcan 1
Christian Colombo 1
Abbas Kiasari 1
Zhonghai Lu 1
Jörg Kietz 1
Shihhsi Liu 1
Jing Dong 1
Robert Biddle 1
Tatseng Chua 1
Wilson Wong 1
Wei Liu 1
Pedro Gonnet 1
Mario Fanelli 1
Jorge Sousa 1
Yuanyuan Zhang 1
R Uthra 1
Simona Bernardi 1
Boris Danev 1
Graham Coates 1
Angel Lemos 1
Maria Calzarossa 1
Wilfried Gansterer 1
Mohammad Hoque 1
Matti Siekkinen 1
Ryan Heartfield 1
John Narayan 1
Asma Benmansour 1
Helmut Hlavacs 1
Seyed Masoumzadeh 1
Marco Vieira 1
Ellen Clayton 1
Bradley Malin 1
Yang Liu 1
Xingshe Zhou 1
Ayman Abaza 1
Manuel Rodriguez 1
Arlind Kopliku 1
Alessio Malizia 1
Violeta Medina 1
Bertrand Meyer 1
Bin Li 1
Kang Shin 1
David Brownbridge 1
Russ Abbott 1
Mitchell Harris 1
Varun Chandola 1
Arindam Banerjee 1
José Santamaría 1
Richi Nayak 1
Laurence Dooley 1
Bang Wang 1
Terrance Boult 1
Andrea Schauerhuber 1
Wieland Schwinger 1
Elisabeth Kapsammer 1
Tomáš Skopal 1
Ira Cotton 1
E Fernandez 1
Stanisław Osiński 1
Mark Leone 1
Markus Weinhardt 1
Philippe Facon 1
Anna Ciampolini 1
John Hughes 1
Konstantinos Sagonas 1
María Alpuente 1
Rick Cattell 1
Chinwan Chung 1
Karl Levitt 1
Jeffrey Scofield 1
Alan Shaw 1
Brian Mirtich 1
Leonidas Guibas 1
Michael Isard 1
James Muir 1
T Baker 1
Daphne Koller 1
Vaughan Pratt 1
Charles Kelemen 1
Viera Proulx 1
Ole Madsen 1
Scott Baden 1
P Plauger 1
Yongkoo Hwang 1
Stephen Kimbleton 1
Doug Lea 1
Piero Fraternali 1
Marco Bernardo 1
Donald Sannella 1
Hans Wirth 1
Stefan Miltchev 1
Frank Shipman 1
Richard Bodner 1
Boriana Koleva 1
Ian Taylor 1
Leila De Floriani 1
Marco Schneider 1
Konstantinos Morfonios 1
Mary Shaw 1
Robin Abraham 1
Margaret Burnett 1
Joseph Lawrance 1
Kathleen Mcgill 1
Barbara Pernici 1
Sherali Zeadally 1
Dawoud Dawoud 1
Tao Peng 1
François Bancilhon 1
Bruce Maggs 1
Vijay Chandru 1
Stuart Selber 1
Henry Dietz 1
Benjamin Goldberg 1
Ian Sommerville 1
Dennis Shasha 1
Craig Wills 1
Ravi Sandhu 1
Lisa Brown 1
Yuichi Nakamura 1
Michele Missikoff 1
Swaminathan Sivasubramanian 1
Marvin Tharp 1
Qiang Ji 1
Arthur Veen 1
Christoph Koch 1
Jens Bleiholder 1
Gilles Brassard 1
Bernard Moret 1
Gerhard Roth 1
Gilles Bailly 1
Ulf Blanke 1
Shipeng Li 1
Benoît Baudry 1
Syaheerah Lutfi 1
Luigi Portinale 1
Kenneth Yip 1
John Barron 1
Per Hansen 1
John Gaschnig 1
Stuart Zweben 1
László Böszörményi 1
Jiying Zhao 1
Tobias Riege 1
Tim Meyer 1
Songbo Song 1
Edward Coffman 1
Arie Shoshani 1
Bertram Raphael 1
Elmootazbellah Elnozahy 1
Hala ElAarag 1
Robert Goldberg 1
Narsingh Deo 1
Krzysztof Pawlikowski 1
Daniel Lopresti 1
Giuseppe Liotta 1
Nevenka Dimitrova 1
Stavros Christodoulakis 1
Minos Garofalakis 1
Scott Danforth 1
C Gotlieb 1
Sally Sedelow 1
Hareton Leung 1
Richard Sinnott 1
Grigoris Antoniou 1
William Martin 1
Alfred Aho 1
Michael McTear 1
Hongjiang ZHANG 1
Simon Parsons 1
Juan Rodríguez-Aguilar 1
Yechiam Yemini 1
Jennifer Klein, J 1
Sandeep Purao 1
Vijay Vaishnavi 1
Oscar Nierstrasz 1
Sandra Heiler 1
David Nagle 1
Roland Yap 1
Michael Jones 1
Nancy Amato 1
Eike Best 1
Sanjiva Prasad 1
Guy Lohman 1
Karen Bennet 1
Kai Li 1
David Luginbuhl 1
Sven Krumke 1
Hartmut Noltemeier 1
Dora Giammarresi 1
Xiaoyangsean Wang 1
Angelos Keromytis 1
Lynda Hardman 1
Paul Lewis 1
Jonathan Furner 1
David Ellis 1
Joonhee Yoo 1
Mark Chignell 1
Geert Houben 1
Kasim Candan 1
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Michela Spagnuolo 1
Farshid Arman 1
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Edgar Knapp 1
Manuel Carro 1
Yeehong Yang 1
Sape Mullender 1
Ellen Riloff 1
Mohammad Jhaveri 1
Jinhee Cho 1
Satish Srirama 1
Yiannis Aloimonos 1
Son Dao 1
Li Zhang 1
Arnon Rosenthal 1
Pierre Cointe 1
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Aaron Harwood 1
Neil Stewart 1
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Dongqing Yang 1
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Donald Chamberlin 1
Abdelsalam Helal 1
Jamesze Wang 1
Jan Bosch 1
António Silva 1
Benoít Garbinato 1
Constantinos Constantinides 1
Heinz Züllighoven 1
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Mark Foresti 1
Raja Harinath 1
Görel Hedin 1
Partha Pal 1
Ehab Al-Shaer 1
Niklas Palaghias 1
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Vittorio Murino 1
Vijayalakshmi Atluri 1
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Isabelle Demeure 1
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William III 1
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Nevin Hentze 1
José Marroquín 1
Martin Stytz 1
Ophir Frieder 1
Reuven Bar-Yehuda 1
Keren Bendel 1
Odemir Bruno 1
Author index 1
M Kherfi 1
A Bernardi 1
Andrea Maurino 1
Marco Mesiti 1
Gunter Saake 1
Maozhen Li 1
T Dinesh 1
Susan Davidson 1
Rui Chen 1
Wen Gao 1
Akihiko Takano 1
Masato Takeichi 1
Torben Mogensen 1
Paola Mello 1
Sandro Etalle 1
Moreno Falaschi 1
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Amit Sheth 1
Berl Hartman 1
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Alexis Kirke 1
Richard Stallman 1